“We’re really excited this year to be doing live performances inside the theater,” Sheldrick said. “This is the sixth performance in our 2021-2022 performing arts series. People are happy to be back. Ticket sales are going well. This show will likely be sold out by the time it hits the stage,” Sheldrick said.

He said the Signature Session series features bands people grew up with and the Eagles are a staple, tried and true.

“The Signature Sessions are where we really try to go back to that nostalgic time for some of the greatest music out there,” Sheldrick said, “It’s music that’s stood the test of decades, generation after generation. You’re going to be in the crowd, sing those songs and have fun.

Tickets are $48 for orchestra seats and $45 for stadium seats. (Prices include applicable ticketing fees.) To purchase tickets, call the RAC box office at (513) 867-5348 or visit www.FairfieldOH.gov/tickets to purchase online.

The next concert in the Fairfield Signature Sessions series is Friday, April 1 at 8 p.m. featuring singer/songwriter AJ Croce performing “Croce Plays Croce.” The performance will include many classics by Croce’s late father, Jim Croce. This concert is the one that was postponed due to COVID-19 and before it was postponed it was sold out. Tickets are still available for the next show.

“Jim Croce is a beloved artist, and his son AJ is going to be on stage performing some of his music as well as some original music,” Sheldrick said.

Fans can expect to hear favorites like “Operator,” “Time in a Bottle,” “Bad Leroy Brown” and “Don’t Mess Around with Jim,” along with songs from young Croce. His latest album, “By Request”, was released in early 2021.


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