On September 25, 1972, black sabbath released his album, Flight. 4, and fans are celebrating its 50th anniversary. It’s really a monumental album, especially for the rock and metal genre. Flight. 4 follows three groundbreaking Black Sabbath albums: their self-titled debut, black sabbath, released in 1970, an amazing debut album that is widely regarded as one of the greatest album debuts of all time and lives up to the debut of Led Zeppelin and The doors just a few years ago. Later that year, Black Sabbath released Paranoid, which is considered one of the most important albums ever released. He cemented the foundations of the metal genre and influenced countless bands. The following year, Black Sabbath followed Paranoid with master of realitywhich continued the band’s run of fantastic albums.

In 1972, Flight. 4 has been were met with negative reception, although Black Sabbath maintained the commercial success of their previous releases. However, Flight. 4 received retrospective critical acclaim. I personally believe Flight. 4though critically acclaimed to this day and loved by music fans, is criminally underrated when discussed not only with the band’s discography, but in the best albums of the 1970s.

Flight. 4 features some of the band members’ best work: Ozzy OsbourneThe vocal work of is one of the best of his career, while Tony Iommi on the guitar is impeccable and delivers hard-hitting riffs. However, two members who I believe never get enough credit are Bill neighborhood on the battery and Butler Geezer on bass who make up one of the greatest rhythm sections in a rock band, worthy of being held alongside Jones and Bonham by Led Zeppelin. The production and mixing of the album is also excellent and never loses the weighty sound of the album.

However, what really counts in a good album is a consistent sound that ties all the tracks together, and great songs. Flight. 4 features some of the best and most underrated tracks from Black Sabbath’s discography. No song from Flight. 4 reached the popularity of songs such as “Iron Man,” “Paranoid” Where “soft sheet” from their previous albums. However, Flight. 4 features some of my favorite band songs such as “supernaut,” which features some of the band’s best instrumental work in my opinion, and Iommi’s lead guitar riff is one of the strongest in metal history.

Snow guard“might be the best song on the album overall, and has my favorite songwriting of Flight. 4. “Snowblind” has some very nice lyrics about drug addiction, which at the time may have meant to flaunt his use of cocaine and other drugs, but now the song is extremely dark and melancholic. The members of Black Sabbath described their drug use at this point as a dangerous level, especially Osbourne. The overall painful tone of the album imbues loss, reality, death and addiction, which are fundamental to the album’s lyrical and thematic components. Black Sabbath albums so far have undoubtedly had a dark tone, but this album feels more personal than their other works.

Flight. 4 is the type of music that can never be reconstructed in our time. It’s stuck in the 1970s and the power, mass and fury behind these songs is truly special. Black Sabbath is a band with a unique sound that few can recreate, earning them widespread fame and respect to this day. Flight. 4 is an essential listen for music fans and a great starting point for people trying to get into other genres such as rock or metal, or looking for a classic album to listen to.


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