Aaira Dwivedi is a talented and gorgeous actress who has been involved in several interesting projects. Dwivedi’s recent big project was a music video titled Mann Bawraa. In the video, the actress appeared alongside actor Shael Oswal. The moving song was composed and written by Rashid Khan and sung by Shael Oswal.
As soon as the clip was released, people were hooked on Mann Bawraa. The song captured the struggles of a couple in a falling apart relationship well. There is pain, drama and a passionate romance captured in the video. Music videos like these are all the rage among today’s youth in no time. This is exactly what happened with Aaira’s song.

Actress Aaira Dwivedi is currently on cloud nine as her music video has garnered over 39 million hits/views. After Mainu Ishq Nahi Karna, this is another song that has gotten such massive attention, and the views keep growing every day. The whole team worked really hard to shoot the music video that a lot of people can relate to.

Aaira shares her joy that Mann Bawraa’s music video is getting such a big number. The actor said, “I know the song will become a hit and people will fall in love with it. But the huge views it managed to get in just a few days made me extremely happy. to keep signing more such great music videos and I’m working hard. I’m thrilled and grateful to everyone who heard our song and shared it with others. I hope the love continues to grow.”
Currently, Aaira is working on her next big project. The actor is also offered webcasts. She will soon announce her new music video to her fans.

Watch Mann Bawraa’s song below:


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