The tall and powerful Adele shared a teaser of her new music video, for the single “Oh My God”, on social media on Saturday (January 8).

But today this video has been released to the world.

To start the thrilling song, Adele, the vocal powerhouse, sings:

I don’t have too much time to waste
But I’ll take the time for you to show how much I care
I would like to let you break my walls
But I’m still out of control of the fall
Man you give good love, I won’t lie
This is what keeps me coming back, even though I’m terrified

Check out the video, which looks more like an elaborate black-and-white vaudevillian performance than a traditional video, below. (After its first premiere, it already had around 100,000 views on YouTube):

Adele took to Twitter to promote the release, writing “Oh My God Video – Jan 12” and showing off a rather astonishing photo of herself about to bite into an apple (sinful?).

She followed up with more hype on Tuesday (January 11) with a post on the social media platform that read: “Video Oh My God, tomorrow 9am PST / 12pm EST / 5pm UK time. #Oh my God

Earlier in 2021, Adele released her latest LP, 30, with great fanfare. So much so that she helped boost CD sales to a new record and at the same time helped essentially shut down production of any other vinyl album as people waited for their copies of her latest record.

In other recent Adele tracks, the singer released her debut music video for 30, for “Easy On Me,” in October 2021. The song’s video has since garnered 225 million views on YouTube since its release. Check that out below.

Adele also recently announced a new residence in Vegas, and upon the release of 30, has worked to get Spotify to change its often-criticized shuffle rules. What can’t she do?

Photo courtesy of Apple Music


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