Despite the discussions in various circles and his recent sold-out show in Panama City, Florida to rave reviews, Alkaline remains not only a polarizing figure in the industry, but also one of the major groups in the genre that he represents. .

With his meteoric rise that has seen him carve out a huge and ever-expanding fan base, Alkaline continues to effortlessly add various accolades to his resume.

Top Billboard artist’s latest single “Sell Off”, which was recently released, has amassed over a million views while securing and remaining the # 1 trending song since its release on the popular plate. – YouTube video streaming form. In the Apple Music charts, the artist holds 12 different chart placements in Jamaica, occupying the top 5 spots with additional placements throughout the North American region.

Alkaline’s flow and use of absurd lyrics saw social media and his Vendetta fan base engage in various comments, triggering a flood of theories behind the tracks’ release. The character of the artist only fuels speculation, with the artist and his team neither confirming nor denying the speculation.

“The artist and his team are actively engaged in advancing the Vendetta movement and ensuring the strength of the brand and the artist’s heritage. As we can see from his performances across the tri-state and recently in Panama City, the market demand for the brand / artist is high and at first glance everything is selling, ”said Rickardo Shuzzr, Alkaline’s publicist at Urban Islandz. .

Since the start of 2021, Alkaline has managed to achieve many successes in the face of relentless criticism. With the most popular reggae-dancehall album to date under his belt on the coveted Billboard Reggae Album, coupled with an impressive pure sales unit as well as impressive debuts on various charts around the world, the impact of the artist is undisputed.

Whether it’s performing in sold-out venues across the United States and preparing for what fans can anticipate will be a good ending for 2021, Vendetta fans can remain optimistic with more appearances, music and videos to come.



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