The strings may be over, but that doesn’t affect Bilal Maqsood’s vocal cords in any way – the singer has just released his second solo single titled “Zalima” and the music video, part lyric video, is an animated bliss for the viewer.

Maqsood’s new song hit the world on Wednesday. “Aap ka milaya hooa number filhaal bund hai! [Your dialled number is currently turned off]he captioned the video. The line is one every Pakistani knows, having heard it at some point while calling someone. It was also added to the singer’s new song.

Directed by Umair Anwar, the video was created by We Are Transmedia, “an independent multidisciplinary creative studio that aims to tell stories and create experiences through cutting-edge design.” The lyrics and voice of ‘Naya Naya’ singer are accompanied by several artistic frames and backgrounds.

In the video, Maqsood and all of the actual props used for the track are in black and white while the graphics offer a pop of color. The 51-year-old singer can be seen swaying to the beat in multiple shots, his shades turning into mini screens for lyrics and art to find another place to shine.

“Naya Naya”, released last month, was the musician’s first solo single and it looks like he’s experimenting because unlike this video, his first solo was shot in Turkey and featured him wandering around the city. Another element that differs from his last song is the presence of others in the video. The singer interacted with his surroundings in ‘Naya Naya’ – exchanging smiles with strangers, reaching out to people in need, petting dogs, interacting with street performers, dancing with a street band, taking selfies with random people and taking photos of the city. In this video, it’s just Maqsood.

Strings’ 33-year journey came to an end in March last year and while the singer’s days of making stage appearances with his bandmates may be over, he still has a lot to show the world. world. In April, he released eight original Urdu nursery rhymes, written and composed by him and accompanied by cute animations. He said his only goal is to provide Pakistani children with quality Urdu content.

Bilal’s journey as a solo artist has led him to explore new avenues. During the pandemic, he sang covers of songs while playing his piano at home and posted them on Instagram. He took on the role of music producer and ran a groovy and groovy Velo Sound Station. He revamped the jingle of a well-known tea advertisement and also collaborated with SomeWhatSuper for the Pakistan Super League franchise, Quetta Gladiators. All of this he did with his upcoming songs in the pipeline.


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