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Simon Green, known professionally as “Bonobo”, is a British musician / producer currently based in Los Angeles. He started working professionally in the music industry in 1999 in Brighton, England and has been active ever since. His musical styles are considered hip-hop, rap, dance and electronic. However, unlike his sound, his musical inspirations mostly come from alternative rock and world music rather than hip hop.

Bonobo’s new song “Otomo” has a nostalgic feel. It starts with a relaxed indie lo-fi beat, but then picks up quickly. The change is more mundane, a defined dance rhythm and much more intense. Bonobo seems to play with these two sounds, returning to this lo-fi sound, but adding accents of the latter. Throughout the song there is a feeling reminiscent of the late 90s / early 2000s and that is the culture of the party. The song also features artist O’Flynn, a young producer from London.

To accompany the song, a clip was also released. To say that the video perfectly captures all of the song’s magnificent qualities would be an understatement. The video focuses on a young man, the skater, Harrison Peterkin, on inline skates rolling near the mountain and along town with a beautiful sunset illuminating behind him. Various shots turn out to be very creative and artistic. It was shot by director Dave Bullivant, who does a great job of encapsulating the essence of the song in the 3 minute video. Visually, the video looks like an A24 film, it is sure to captivate any audience.

“Otomo” is the fourth track from Bonobo’s album, Fragment. The album is scheduled for release on January 14 of next year.

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