Grammy Award-winning Washington state-born singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile, who released her new album, In these days of silence, said yesterday (October 1) in an interview promoting the album that she wanted to be Soundgarden’s new star.

The group lost their leader, of course, when Chris Cornell passed away in 2017.

Speaking to Rolling Stone at the point of sale Music now podcast, Carlile said, she would “take the time” for tour rehearsals for Soundgarden et al because she is “such a Chris Cornell fan.” I loved him so much. I was so devastated when he left us.

Carlile, who first rose to prominence in Seattle and then to the world with her Grammy-winning 2018 album, By the way, I forgive you– and his inseparable writing partners, the Henseroth twins “are inextricably linked to Soundgarden for life. They were our heroes.

Not really needing to prove his good faith in the Northwest, Carlile nevertheless performed often and did just that, performing on stage with Eddie Vedder and Mike McCready, and of course, reuniting with the living members of Soundgarden on stage. .

Others on Twitter seemed to appreciate Carlile’s feelings, from the writers to the fans.

Writer Brian Hiatt wrote: “Fully support this idea”, while writer Niko Stratis also supported the notion, tweeting, “Here for the revolution @BrandiCarlile Soundgarden”.

Fan @ Cole707resident was taken aback by the writing of the news, “Well that’s unexpected! Can you imagine Brandy (sic) C. singing BLACK HOLE SUN ?? ”

Needless to imagine, Brandi has taken the stage several times with Soundgarden to perform “Black Hole Sun”. Discover their performances last August.



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