Brittney Spencer has been making waves on the country music scene for years, but she’s reaching new heights as 2022 approaches. Currently on the 2nd leg of her In A Perfect World Tour and working on her debut album, Spencer promises an exciting year ahead. In an interview with American Songwriter, she looks back on her successes of the past year and raves about her musical inspirations.

First, as she navigates the ups and downs of rising fame, Spencer reveals how her loved ones and fellow musicians have kept her afloat.

“People have really stood up for me and pushed me to where I am in my career. I feel so overwhelmed with the sheer gratitude for that,” Spencer says. that I can be more myself.”

Between his EP 2020 Compassion and her full-length debut due later this year, Spencer is showing more vulnerability in her music than ever. Her deep lyrics and stunning vocals have recently earned her numerous accolades, including Spotify’s 2021 Hot Country Artist to Watch and a spot on CMT’s Next Women of Country.

Yet as her audience grows, so does the pressure to create art that her fans feel connected to. “There’s pressure with that,” she admits. “But there’s also a lot to learn about myself, and I’m more focused now than I’ve ever been in my life on what I want to do, where I want to go, what I want to do.”

Her musical direction started when she was young and a friend in church suggested she listen to The Chicks. His passion for music, and country music in particular, only grew from there. In fact, it wasn’t until Spencer discovered Taylor Swift that she believed she could make country music herself.

“Dixie Chicks made me like it. Taylor made me feel like I could do it,” she recalled. Spencer, a Baltimore native, wasn’t sure she had the right voice for country music. But Swift made it clear to her that there’s more to country music than just having a certain accent.”[Swift] didn’t have a twang – she’s from Pennsylvania,” Spencer points out. “She’s very poetic, and I wanted that so much…that was me.”

Besides Swift and The Chicks, Spencer has a wide array of musical heroes who influence her songwriting. “I love Ray Charles, I love Beyonce, I love Miranda Lambert. I think Jazmine Sullivan is the greatest singer in the world,” she lists, to name a few.

Spencer believes that the diversity of genres, singers and songwriters she admires gives her music a sound all its own. “I feel like I have a very broad scope of what influences me, which is probably why my songs always sound so different,” she observes.

Now, with her own platform, Spencer aims to inspire others like each of these artists has inspired her. “It was times when I heard another person that made me feel like maybe there was a place for me here,” she says. “So I’m inspired by a lot. I try to embody that in my music.

When composing her first album, she chose the songs that moved people close to her. “I have friends that I love and trust like crazy. They are the same ones who helped me choose the songs for my Compassion PE,” she explains. “But I also have a team there, so I’m bouncing off some of my team, and I…I also think I really rely on a lot of creatives that I sort of meet.”

With her first headlining tour about to kick off and her first full album debuting in just a few months, Spencer’s star continues to rise. Her music is influenced by countless artists who came before her, but Spencer has undoubtedly blazed her own trail in country music.


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