David boyd constantly writes, constantly creates and looks for ways to bring ideas to life. Until recently, this process involved producing content for the beloved Danish rock band, New policy. As the frontman of New Politics, Boyd helped produce content with the band’s core mixed pop-punk sound. Once the pandemic struck, however, it took a while for the group to reset and Boyd decided to launch his solo career.

Boyd recently released his single “No Regrets”, which marks the fourth single in the artist’s independent journey. This quartet of songs is a sensational sound experience.

From his last release, Boyd explains that “No Regrets” is a love song through and through. “It doesn’t matter what you go through with the person you are with, if love wins in the end, it doesn’t matter what you go through in that relationship. It should apply like through lives, ”Boyd says. Sonically, the single’s upbeat tempo is irresistible, and Boyd hits every high note with unrestrained enthusiasm.

As for the other singles, Boyd wrote his first release, “Stay or Walk Away” with Tim Randolph in LA a few years ago. “Song is something I struggle with in life in general. It’s roughly [describing the option to] stay or go, which is also an impressive Clash benchmark, ”Boyd says. As Boyd’s inaugural solo offering, “Stay or Walk Away” is both honest and positive. The Danish-American singer-songwriter gets nothing back with this energetic introduction.

Boyd’s second single ‘Ambush’ playfully dives into the balance between being vulnerable and being wary of others. “Waste Away” comes across as a slower, more thoughtful track that continues to showcase Boyd’s charming voice.

Overall, Boyd’s recent singles are as authentic as they come. “Being able to show these other sides – which are very much alive in me – is really important. I think it’s exciting, for old fans and also for new fans, ”Boyd said. Fortunately, these four singles are not the end of the singer / songwriter’s latest musical adventure. Boyd will periodically release more music from this period of creativity.

“The project is going to be very diverse, but I feel like I’m a diverse person,” Boyd explains. “I feel like I don’t have to do a single thing. I think people can relate to that, especially nowadays with new technology. I think that’s very relevant, because my airplane playlist isn’t the only rock or punk or ballads or R&B or pop or dance or house or Latin music. My reading list is a mix of everything relevant and makes me feel something. And this is my life, it is a roller coaster of emotions and feelings. So I think my solo project will reflect that.

Check out some new music from David Boyd below, and stay tuned for more singles.



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