ELUVEITY have released a new music video!

The new music video, for the track exile of the godsis the brand new single from the Swiss folk metal band and follows their latest single, Assistancewhich was released in July.

Speaking of the new single, founding member Chrigel Glanzman said, “We are very happy to share our new single exile of the gods with you – after Assistance the ‘second page’ in ELUVEITYnext chapter. Our current path takes us back in time. And back to the present! Our new cycle of songs is entirely based on a very old mythical text – the hermetic lament. Although he does not come from Celtic culture, we know today that his words have been taken up, assimilated and now taught by the Celtic Druids. In the interpretatio celtae, his teachings were attributed to the three-headed Celtic god Lugus. This ancient text contains a kind of prophecy which contains very serious and important words for us modern people today – even if we assume that it is not about our time (which I personally believe, however).

Among many other things Lugus’ lamentation foretells: ‘…of your faith there will remain but an empty story, which your own children in time to come will not believe; Only engraved words will remain, and only the stones will speak of your piety. For the gods – who once deigned to dwell on the earth – will return from the earth to Antumnos. The gods will withdraw from humanity, a painful thing! The world will remain desolate, deprived of the presence of its deities. And that’s what our new single is about!

However, this ancient text makes it clear that we are not just talking about certain mythological, religious, or spiritual matters here. Because it also speaks very clearly about the development of humanity’s relationship with mother earth in this context and underlines our very concrete actions (today) and their consequences in and for nature, and therefore ultimately for us. And so, we are excited to share our brand new song with you all! And we hope you like it as much as we do and that you might even be able to find inspiration in it! Enjoy!”

Watch the official music video for Exile Of The Gods here:

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