This morning (October 25), Midlake announced their fifth studio album after an almost ten-year hiatus. The Denton, Texas-based folk-rock group made up of musicians Eric Pulido, Eric Nichelson, McKenzie Smith, Jesse Chandler and Joey McClellan, have revealed that their upcoming album, titled FOR THE INTENT OF BETHEL WOODS, will fall on March 18, 2022.

Along with this long-awaited announcement, the band also released the first single from their upcoming project. “Meanwhile…” is a funky and sure demonstration of Midlake’s evolved sound.

“‘Meanwhile …” is a song that refers to the time that elapsed between what happened before our break in 14 and what inspired us to reunite again in 20 “, a Eric Pulido said in a press release. “The first being an unhealthy and unsustainable place that called for a break and the second a chance visit from Jesse’s late father (Dave Chandler, pictured on the album cover) in a dream encouraging him to reunite with the band. Everyone had their respective experiences during the uncertain time except culminating in a confident and festive comeback. “

Further away, FOR THE INTENT OF BETHEL WOODS is the first collection of works Midlake has recorded with an outside producer for a full project. Grammy-winning producer John Congleton led the production process at the Elmwood Recording Studio in Dallas, Texas.

The group explained that the inspiration came from a desire to relate the past to the present phases of life. Keyboardist / flautist Jesse Chandler’s father specifically inspired some of the band’s sound movements and the record’s album cover.

“When I was 16, my dad and his friend hitchhiked from Ridgewood, New Jersey to the Woodstock Festival in 1969,” Chandler said. “This image of him with his hand on his face appears in the 1970 Woodstock documentary, as the camera scans the crowd during the filming of John Sebastian. My father ended up moving to Woodstock, NY – where I grew up – in 1981. For me, the photo of this child, my father, frozen forever in time, sums up what it means to be in the throes of a impressionable and ephemeral youth. , and all that the magic of music, peace, love and fellowship brings to it, whether we know it at the time or not. (I think he knew that).

Watch the video of the official lyrics to “Meanwhile …” below.

Photo credit: Barbara FG / Big Hassle Media



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