Prince was the kind of entertainer who seemed to command admiration from everywhere, from his crazed fans to his musical contemporaries to stars in other entertainment media, including the realm of film and television. Prince’s effortless ability to write music and give it a sexy edge made him stand out from his peers.

Fred Armisen fits into all of the above; he’s an actor, writer, comedian, musician, and most importantly, in that context, a huge Prince fan. Since Armisen’s show Portlandia regularly deals with the humorous side of music, he is well placed to give his two cents on Prince’s exceptional career.

Armisen once said of Prince, “Everything I thought was cool in music, he turned everything upside down. I was so into punk and the Beatles. It was like punk and the Beatles, and that’s it. That’s what’s cool – the camouflage, the leather jackets – and then all of a sudden this video came on MTV, of the song ‘1999’, and it was the opposite.

He added: “Purple, pink, fluorescent lights, hearts, makeup, flip flops – you know, really, it was the complete opposite of what I understood or would preach to people as being cool, and that was it. upset and said ‘Fred, you’re wrong. It’s even more punk than that.

Prince had a musical ability that no other musician in the last 100 years could handle. He was simply a genius. By the age of 21 he had already recorded a number of albums, including the mind-blowing self-titled 1979 – on which he also played every instrument and sang every voice.

“He was a control freak and he played every instrument on those early albums,” Armisen noted. “The way he wrote songs, it was like an alien came down and wrote music. He was like the Steve Jobs of music. You know, he was like, ‘I know you think you know this what funk is, and I know you think you know what a good album and a good song is, but that’s what you need.'”

Referencing some of Prince’s all-time classics, Armisen concluded, “And 1999I love this album, I love this song and ‘Purple Rain’. [I thought], ‘What? How can someone make music like that? And then the song ‘Pop Life’. I think, for me, that’s all I love about Prince.


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