Since filming her first EP “Don’t Smile at Me” at the age of 16, Billie Eilish has been an electric artist. At this year’s Governors Ball Music Festival, she brought back that energy with a vengeance. With the festival marking one of her first in-person shows in over a year and after releasing a very successful second album, Eilish performed as if she had something to prove. It would be an understatement to simply say that she did not disappoint; she was a firecracker from start to finish.

With complex songs requiring a range of several octaves, it was a miracle that Eilish was perfect throughout. But then again, she never gave fans a reason to doubt her voice. Eilish paired almost every song with tireless jumps and runs up, down, and around her specially crafted stage, making sure to pay attention to fans in every corner of the room. Throughout, she never failed to raise her light and vaporous voice above her brother and collaborator Finneas and the hard-hitting instrumentation of her band.

The LA native and 10-time Grammy winner also made sure to bring her audience to the performance with her. “Give me all that energy you’ve saved for a year and a half, okay?” She said before launching into “my strange addiction”. When she entered her new track “Oxytocin”, a song she said she and Finneas had written “specifically for what was going to happen”, she passed the start of the beat dropping by begging people. to go down as low as they could (“No cheating! Lower, lower, lower, lower, LOW-er!”) before exploding with her jumping and dancing for the rest of the song.

Songs like “NDA” on one end of the spectrum and “Halley’s Comet” and “when the party is over” on the other came with built-in opportunities for Eilish to inspire her fans to scream or be. captivated by her subtle vocal acrobatics, respectively – a testament to her ability to move a crowd with her. Indeed, the whole was dynamic and Eilish did it all. Still the superstar, she caught the attention of thousands of people in the audience and kept them captivated for over an hour. She wanted to see everyone dancing: “Not just the front, not just the middle, but everyone I can see,” she said. “I can see you in the back!” You might think I can’t, but I can and I want you to jump.

Kicking off the show with the dark and captivating “bury a friend”, Eilish took her audience through an extensive tour of her music – early hits like “Bored” from 2017 (featured in the soundtrack to “Thirteen Reasons Why”) songs from his latest album “Happier than ever”. Even her early songs, “Ocean Eyes” and “Bellyache,” received acclaimed treatment in a mashup sung atop a moving crane, a welcome nod to fans of the two hits that introduced Eilish to the world. for the first time. With the scale of this show, such a packed ensemble seemed quite appropriate.

Eilish’s lineup throughout the night also showcased her incredible growth as a performer in recent years. Seeing her on stage, it was hard to imagine her doing anything else. The last time Eilish played Gov Ball, she was 16, coming off the heels of her critically acclaimed and hugely popular debut EP.

“This is the best show ever,” she told a screaming audience, who finally let her do the talking after a restless chant of “Billie! Billie! Billie!” “I played the Gov Ball in 2018… and it was my favorite thing in the world… It was my favorite thing I have ever done, and maybe that’s it the second time around, ”she said. The performance looked like a homecoming, and long overdue. His ‘whatever I wanted’ performance next to Finneas atop an elevated platform proved to be an emotional heart of the set. , with his collaborator (and the muse of the song) in the spotlight as the audience’s faces were projected onto the platform and the giant screens behind the pair.

“all good girls go to hell” was another emotional highlight. “You guys, we have to take care of our planet. Dead ass, ”she said as an introduction to“ When we all fall asleep where do we go? ”The trail started to creep up behind her.“ If you don’t think global warming is there. real you’re a fucking idiot. ”Eilish paired the song with vibrant images of raging wildfires and climate protests, a striking image reflected in Eilish’s all-white outfit as ‘she sang’ hills [burning] in California.”

“Give it all to me, right now,” Eilish asked the crowd before closing her set with two of her biggest hits – “bad guy” and an unforgettable “Happier Than Ever” performance. From start to finish, Eilish proved that all of the hype surrounding him was well deserved. Her performance was virtually flawless, while also cementing her as an unstoppable force in the music world.

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