The German quintet There’s A Light recently signed a worldwide recording contract with Napalm Records. The promising discovery will release its second album f̶o̶r̶ w̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶m̶a̶y̶ ̶I ̶h̶o̶pe̶? for what should we hope for? December 10. A video of the new single, “Dark Clouds Behind, Bright Skies Ahead”, can be viewed below.

Real emotions don’t require words. That’s what There’s A Light has proven time and time again, such as with the new single “Dark Clouds Behind, Bright Skies Ahead”. A fulfilling opening is followed by peaceful and familiar guitar melodies and ambient interjections that detach the listener from mundane concerns. Each note drifts weightlessly in the atmosphere before disappearing into eternity. In addition, the warm cello tunes of passionate guest musician Akito Goto join us, gently embracing the listener in auditory bliss, ensuring that all will be well. The clip goes hand in hand and tells a deep story with the purest visual means and brings peace with his internal conflicts.

There is a light on “Dark Clouds Behind, Bright Skies Ahead”: “If you’ve ever experienced this phenomenon in nature, on a hike or anywhere you are homeless from the elements, you won’t forget it . It’s a calming and beautiful sight when you see a dark storm front moving away from you as the sun rises. For us, it’s a metaphor – life is a constant flow of ups and downs. But no matter how dark a storm is, there will always be a bright sky ahead of us. This song tries to capture that movement and feeling. Thanks so much for listening! “

Thematically, foreground, why am I hoping? for what should we hope for? There is a Light takes a deeper look at the question of the true meaning of hope as well as its different facets: on the one hand, hope can be something positive – a flourishing force that always gives new impetus to grow. beyond oneself. On the other hand, it can also hurt, for example, if one clings to something that will never come true.

The radiant opening of the album “… The Storm Will Set The Sails” immediately enchants with its shimmering melody and superb arrangements, while the following “Within The Tides” presents a more dramatic and progressive touch with a technique and an impressive pace. The catchy “Like The Earth Orbits Sun” is one track that features the captivating and emotional vocals of bassist Andreas Richau, along with the multi-faceted exclamation mark “Elpis” and the spherical “Be Brave, Fragile Heart. “. “Dark Clouds Behind, Bright Skies Ahead” and “Appearance Of Earth” open up another sound spectrum and expand the cosmos with the passionate cello of guest musician Akito Goto. The grand finale “Even In The Darkest Place …” weaves powerful instrumentation with dreamy moments into a harmonious overall build, once again underscoring a hypnotic post-rock experience in the style of bands like God Is An Astronaut, Russian Circles and Sigur Ros.

There’s A Light on the new album: “So we asked ourselves what hope is and what it means to us. We had a lot of conversations within the band about the good but also the bad aspects of it. hope and our experiences with it. And we have had answers and inspiration through history and philosophy. Like Kant who has extremely positive opinions on this subject – hope is a necessity for the human existence, it is not seen by him as a personal thing but a collective thing. This is where the title of the album comes from. The whole process of creating this album really took us on a journey and we found new ways to express our thoughts and feelings with our music. We took a few trips to France and wrote songs together in a cabin, but we also had to write a lot of pieces simultaneously, since we don’t live in a city anymore . We were lucky e to work with new lovely people, but we also reconnected with former criminal partners. Overall it was not an easy trip but now we did and are happy and proud to finally release this album with Napalm Records! “

Why am I hoping? for what should we hope for? will be available in the following formats:

– Digipack
– 2LP Gatefold Black
– 2LP Gatefold in Marbled Curacao / Black (limited to 100 copies worldwide)
– 2LP Gatefold in Ocean Blue (limited to 300 copies worldwide)
– Complete digital album

Pre-order here.

Why am I hoping? for what should we hope for? list of songs:

“… The storm will set sail”
“In the tides”
“As the Earth orbits the Sun”
“Dark clouds behind, a bright sky in front”
“Fear goes hand in hand with hope”
“Be brave, fragile heart”
“Appearance of the Earth”
“Even in the darkest place …”

Video “Elpis”:

There is a light is:

David Christmann – guitar
Jonas Obermüller – piano, synth percussion
Markus Dold – guitar
Andreas Richau – vocals, bass
Jan Lüftner – drums

(Photo – Nicolas Kuri)



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