On a night with a new Tom Hanks video of the cult classic David Pumpkins, rapper Jack Harlow generated plenty of headlines at a Halloween-themed party. SNL.

Both host and performer as a musical guest on saturday night live, Harlow poked fun at himself in the opening monologue, saying it sounded like someone might come up with trying to draw Justin Timberlake from memory.

While the monologue itself wasn’t, shall we say, perfect, Harlow’s charm kicked in.

Harlow went on to star in a number of skits, from a Halloween wedding and a character in a drunken Halloween interview to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with a Pixar pitch, completing the series’ first comedy block. , playing one of two obnoxious bartenders.

It was a good time to have Halloween-themed skits rather than heartbreaking political sketches. It was a festive respite and Harlow made the most of the task.

Before coming to the music section, Harlow appeared in another skit for the show, an “interview” on the talk show, View. Check out below in which Harlow compliments Whoopi Goldberg and shares a sexy wink.

Introduced by Hanks, Harlow opened his first of two musical performances with a two-track medley, “Lil Secret/First Class.” The vulnerable song is about therapy, blame and jealousy. Harlow did a great job, backed up by a live band.

In his second song, introduced by SNL Cast member Cecily Strong, Harlow opened up about fame in her song “State Fair.” The Kentucky-born rapper opened up about the ups and downs that come with fame.

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