Bob Saget will forever be “the sickest motherfucker in a cardigan,” as the epic music video for “Rollin’ with Saget” proves. Created in 2006 for the MTV series Explode, the video features Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone teaming up with the Full house star for a night out on the town. It portrays Saget as essentially the King of Hollywood with a character that contrasts sharply with Danny Tanner. You can watch the music video below, which has been circulating a lot lately with fans revisiting Saget’s material.

Saget was clearly happy with his involvement in the video. He had since used part of the song as his theme song, often playing the music when he took the stage for comedy shows. The visuals really help to make Ride with Saget so much the better, because there’s nothing quite like watching Saget break up club fights or roll blunts in the back seat. But the lyrics are quite entertaining and highly quotable for those familiar with the song.


The catchy chorus goes, “‘Who you rollin with?’ Bob-Bob Saget / Numero uno, nobody does it better / ‘Who you rollin with?’ Bob-Bob Saget / The sickest motherfucker in a cardigan.”

To top it all off, Saget ends the video by saying directly to the camera, “Good night, Michelle.” This is obviously a clear reference to Full house where Danny Tanner of Saget was the father of three daughters, Michelle (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) being the youngest.

Following Saget’s death earlier this month, Jamie Kennedy wrote on Twitter: “I sit here in utter shock and supreme sadness. Bob? Bob??? Howww??? This makes no sense There’s so much to say and I’ll get to that later, but right now my love goes out to his wonderful wife and 3 wonderful daughters. I’m so sorry.”

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Bob Saget’s Edgy comedy often shocked Full House fans

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The “Rollin’ with Saget” video further revealed that there was another side to Bob Saget’s comedy. Although widely known for his squeaky jokes about Full house and America’s Funniest Home Videos, he would deliver much more raunchy material during his stand-up number. People who have seen stoner comedy half cooked in 1998 also received a hint as to how dirty Saget could be, given his surprising cameo.

In the film, Dave Chappelle plays a stoner trying to quit smoking marijuana. He attends a drug addiction support group where he is quickly booed for announcing his difficulties quitting smoking. Saget’s character argues that there is no comparison, as he “used to [perform a sexual act] for coke.” Saget would later explain how he would often get that line quoted by fans, which was usually only a problem when he had his kids with him.

Whether he was playing it safe on ABC or going more extreme on stage, Saget’s goal was always the same. He just wanted to bring joy and laughter to others, and he spent decades doing just that. The iconic comedian will be forever missed. Rest in peace.

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