Jekalyn Carr is a GRAMMY® Award nominee and GMA Dove Award winning artist. Not so long ago, she released an engaging music video for her new single Holiday, titled “Great Christmas,” glorious and welcoming as all seasonal music should be. The song acknowledges that circumstances will force many of us to celebrate with our friends and families through video calls. If you have to use Zoom or Facetime, Jekalyn Carr wants you to know you’re not left out of the party — or less loved by God.

Jekalyn Carr – Music Video “Great Christmas”

Jekalyn Carr is the centerpiece of the wonderfully wintry “Great Christmas” video. She is captured performing with her band, leading her backing musicians through choruses and crescendos, inspiring verses and uplifting outings. They wear snow-white clothes, sing and play with irrepressible enthusiasm, right in front of a pair of twinkling Christmas trees and an inviting array of shopping bags. It’s a reminder of one of the most appealing things about gospel music. In this style, everyone from the star to the percussionist to the furthest backing vocalist showcases their winning personality.

Carr’s adoring fans will surely enjoy “Great Christmas.” The song possesses Carr’s hallmarks: a grand maximalist arrangement, compassionate lyrics, an instantly memorable melody, and a powerful, magnetizing, and uplifting vocal performance. Also, “Great Christmas” is likely to make waves far beyond the mainstream gospel audience. If you like passionate singing, family conviviality and the joy of the holidays, here is a disc which you will not be able to resist.

jekalyn carr

Because she is a deeply humble person, Jekalyn Carr does not like to brag. So, let’s do it for her: there is no more exciting, more passionate, more imaginative or more accomplished young artist in contemporary gospel music. She’s been knocking down the doors of churches, theaters and arenas since she was a kid, and at 25, she’s just getting started.

Carr’s astounding track record speaks for itself – eight chart-topping singles, multiple Stellar Awards, a beloved inspirational book, a Grammy nomination for recent feature film, Change your story, and received enthusiastic performances throughout America. Carr leads with her charisma, loves with all her heart, and directs her listeners’ eyes to the sky.

Even among gospel artists, Carr stands out for her commitment. She’s dedicated to her message, dedicated to her belief, and she’s probably never taken half measures in her life. Plus, she’s outspoken: her writing is honest about the challenges everyone faces.

Jekalyn Carr – single “Great Christmas”

Jekalyn Carr - Cover

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