When told by record directors that he couldn’t write or sing, and to get a day job, Jonathan Cain regrouped and said he would just find someone else to sing his songs. for him and ended up writing some of Journey’s biggest hits, including the group’s mega-hits “Faithfully”, “Open Arms” and “Don’t Stop Believin”. deeper connection to faith, which led to the release of five albums in five years – 2016 release What God wants to hear, Unrecognized Christmas (2017), The songs you leave behind in 2018, More like jesus (2019) and most recent Piano cult in 2020 – to guide him on his journey with Journey and his solo work spanning a career spanning over 40 years

Working during the pandemic in 2020, Cain began writing “Oh Lord Lead Us,” his elegy for emerging from times of turmoil and hope for new beginnings. Originally written as a “prayer for the new year,” Cain’s post-pandemic hymn is also a call to connect with something higher in uncertain times—Choosing to lose our old self / Changing our hearts Changing our minds / Choosing a new way of life– and directly inspired by the Scriptures, taken from the passage 1 Chronicles 16:11.

“Being surrounded by all this Bible teaching, I get excited when I see something that triggers my imagination,” Cain shares. “To be beaten, closed and churches closed. Containment, quarantine, all that… it looks like it’s a new season. We have to do it all over again. The song was a prayer for a reset and a renewal. I just thought we needed something a little cheerful.

Following its release in 2019, More like Jesus, Cain says he wanted to continue his message of hope and renewal. “I was able to take it to the next level with a happier sound and deep worship songs,” Cain explains of the previous album. “’Oh Lord Lead Us’ is a continuation of that. I wanted to keep my identity, and I wanted something gospel, but I wanted it to be me because I stay in my lane. You’re not going to hear me sing R&B, because that’s not my voice. I wanted to offer a happy sound, a happy moment.

Produced by Cain and recorded at his Addiction Sound studios in Nashville, “Oh Lord Lead Us” was mixed by Kalmuski (Keith Urban, Justin Bieber) and mastered by Adam Alan (Paul McCartney, Foo Fighters), and features Journey’s backing vocalist Jason Derlatka. Even the video for “Oh Lord Lead Us”, directed by Nik Tizekker and shot in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada, captures the backdrop of a glowing blue sky, symbolizing the new days to come.

Off tour, Cain’s faith is part of his daily life, hosting the podcast Anchor and appearing regularly on his wife Paula White-Cain’s television shows Faithfully and Paula today (Life Network for Women). The couple also lead worship at the City of Destiny Church in Central Florida, also the first place Cain admits to trying out new songs.

“My music ministry shows my transparency,” Cain shares. “It’s never too late to return to the kingdom of God, and that’s kind of why I’m really doing it. It’s like ‘look at that rock and roll guy running the worship’, but my wife always says, ‘God rides the waves of sound. “

Cain adds, “Part of my ministry is to amplify and magnify the word of God through music. I wanted to glorify and magnify the things that maybe people need to hear in a different light.

Working on a new EP and possibly an entirety, as well as some new material Journey – the band recently headlined at Lollapalooza 2021 and played a crowded Central Park for the return to New York before they hit the streets. rain – Cain says he’s ready for whatever awaits him.

“I continue to grow in so many ways,” he says. “I can’t wait to see where God takes me next. “



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