In an interview earlier this week with the popular podcast show Drink champions, Kanye West, who also recently changed his name legally to Ye, posed something scorched earth – dropping names and criticizing some of music’s greatest artists.

West, who is one of the world’s most successful artists with an estimated net worth of nearly $ 2 billion, also seems volatile as he can’t help but stir up controversy. Yet the reactions he elicits seem impossible not to notice.

For example, popular rapper Soulja Boy lashed out at West, who publicly criticized Soulja Boy for his upcoming verse on West’s latest LP, The Donda. West hinted that Soulja’s track wasn’t good, so it wasn’t included on the album. He ended by saying that Soulja Boy was the future. See the impact on social networks below:

Soulja Boy in return shared his own video. “You should text me from your mom and say the verse wasn’t right,” Soulja said in the swear-filled NSFW video. “Don’t go up on the no mother f ** king public platform and say different than what you told me in my face. Tell me to my face it was garbage.

He continued, “Soulja Boy is the future? Shut up the F ** k. You said my verse wasn’t hard. Who do you think you’re talking to. Everything that comes out of my fucking mother’s mouth is hard. What the hell are you talking about Kanye West. Your album was trash. Your album was not difficult. Just because it’s your album you choose what is hard . Turn it off and let people decide what the f ** k is hard about. “

But the beef with Soulja Boy is just one of many earthquakes to come from the interview, which broke viewership records for the show (and continues to climb).

New Hall of Fame member Jay Z was asked to comment on the smashes after West slammed producer Just Blaze, who has featured prominently on Jay-Z records, including his flagship album, The plan.

“Just Blaze is an impersonator, you know,” West said according to Revolt. “He gets credit for The plan, and I did the first half of The plan, and he just copied my half. … I like the man of the creators. I don’t mind, you know, imitators too, and – by the way – you just have to say it the way it is.

When West’s interview was brought up in an interview with Jay Z, he said, “Yeah, NORE sent me a song and… I saw a few songs. I think, you know, again, everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone sees it through their own lens. Some of them might be true, some might not be true. But that’s the lens through which you see it. So you just speak your truth. The only thing I would say about all the tracks I’ve seen, maybe the Just Blaze thing was a little unfair because if you make an album and the mission is soul samples, everyone comes with soul. You are trying to make a coherent piece of music. I think no one was copying. Everyone created for the project. The baby was The plan. Everyone should be appreciated for what we have created.

Western and soulful singer John Legend also experienced friction when West supported President Trump. The legend apparently reached out to West during his public romance with the former president. When these texts leaked, the friendship shattered.

“John Legend and Big Sean, when I ran for office, quickly got used to Democrats coming to their boy who really changed their lives. … I don’t rock with any of them, and I need my apologies, ”West said in the Drink champions maintenance.

There is more (although, frankly, we wish there weren’t). West also criticized the popular TV show Saturday Night Live for pushing his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, to say she was divorced. West noted, “I can’t see the papers.”

West also shot the singer, Duck, who allegedly had an affair with Kardashian.

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