Kid Cudi, born Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, turns out to be a man of the entertainment renaissance. Not only has he created critically acclaimed solo and collaborative albums (see The Man on the Moon: The End of the Day and CHILDREN SEE GHOSTS), but the rapper is continuing his acting career.

After starring in the horror film A24 X, in which Cudi stars with actress/singer Brittany Snow, Cudi is set to star in another movie. The next film, titled September 17 is Snow’s directorial debut.

“I can’t talk too much about it, except that Scott does have a role in the movie, so that’s cool,” Snow said in an interview with Variety.

“I was looking at Ti [West, director of ‘X’] a lot while filming this,” she continued. “And I think something that I learned from him that I’m going to take with me is the specificity of knowing the guideline of what you want, and being really loud and clear in your beliefs at this topic. I love acting on set, but it lends itself very well when you know your director has a complete idea of ​​what they want. Hopefully I can live up to what everyone did.

“I couldn’t believe she wanted me in it,” Cudi added. “She had told me about the movie while we were on set. [for ‘X’], but she never asked me to participate. I was like, ‘Maybe she’s waiting to see how [‘X’] it appears that.’ It’s going to be awesome. Really great storyline.

September 17 was co-written by Snow and Becca Gleason. The film will follow a female character named Riley as she navigates events related to love and addiction. Nick Donnermeyer, Michael Rothstein, Jesse Korman and Jeffrey Tussi are the executive producers of the film.

Snow first rose to fame with her role on the CBS television show guiding light and went on to appear in films like hair spray (2007) and the Perfect film series (2012-2017).

X will premiere on March 18 and the date of September 17 has not yet been announced.


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