For Lea Blevins, songwriting isn’t just a hobby or hobby – it’s a natural extension of his way of life, a fact that becomes evident when you listen to the debut album by 31-year-old Nashvillian, First sensation.


Released on August 6 via Thirty Tigers, the album is a heartfelt compilation of memories, themes and episodes from Blevins’ life, wrapped in a compelling alternative country cover. With an agile and magnificent voice, she delivers soaring melodies on well-designed arrangements, almost akin to Dolly parton be reborn. And like a lot of good country music, Blevins’ approach to her art comes down to the simple fact that songwriting is a way of life for her. For years, she turned her experiences into songs, waiting for the right moment to string them all together into a real debut.

“It’s all over the place, as all of the songs were first written on paper,” she told American Songwriter. “For example, I first wrote “First time feeling” back when I was new to the Music Row scene, just writing a lot in this world. So this one is pretty old, but found a way to loop back and forth, as most things often do. The production aspect of things was finally able to align with the songs themselves. Now it’s a record, In my opinion.”

In this sense, the songs that line First sensation come together to paint a complete picture of modern life. Songs like the aforementioned title song struck the perfect balance of catchy, straightforward, and wonderfully produced at the same time. Seriously, listen to how Blevins’ voice gets a little dirty when she hits those high notes into the microphone … it captures all the nostalgia and warmth of the 20th century inspired lo-fi recording without diluting its honest point. seen as a writer. And logistically speaking, writing all of these songs over the years has been an entirely holistic process, although at times spontaneous, perhaps it is a sign of a writer who is in touch with their own creativity.

“I don’t have a set format for how I like to write songs, but sometimes you get something moving inside of you where it’s like ‘Wait, I have to do this now'”, she explained. “It really happens when something impacts or inspires me, more than any system. I know how things like this work, but I choose to close my eyes to them. I just don’t think I’m a human being consistent enough that I can focus on another method. ”

To that end, her process of using her creative intuition when inspiration strikes has actually deserved some pretty profound results. Writing about the real moments in her life that shaped who she is, she bares her soul throughout First sensation. People talk about the therapeutic quality of music, especially country music – Blevins’ tunes embody the strongest aspects of it.

“I feel like we as humans carry a lot of guilt,” she said. “The guilt or shame for the things we have done or the decisions we have made. But instead, we could take it as a lesson, show it to others, so that they can be just as vulnerable with their guilt and shame. I’m not trying to be a beacon for people or change anything, it’s more or less just me reconciling myself with my own life, I don’t apologize, you know?

Now, after years of writing and paying his dues with solo acoustic shows across the country, Blevins can feel the excitement of his debut gathering. With a slew of tour dates planned, she is ready to face whatever lies ahead … with some leeway for unexpected developments, of course (a hard-earned free space that many artists have entered following the pandemic. COVID).

“My God, I hope there will be happiness in the future,” she said. “We’ve all been through something together, that’s the part that’s so mind-boggling. So I’m just hanging on to the hope and faith that there is some good in all of this, we just have to dig a little deeper to find it and share it with others. And with the return of live music… it gives me all the happiness I could get. This is what I know best and it is an ultimate feeling.

In conclusion, Blevins noted the complex emotion that accompanies the release of such authentic expressions into the world. Almost as a testament to her devotion to pursuing her craft, she revealed how much she cares about them.

“As far as the record goes, I feel like I’m their parent and I’m sending them away,” she said. “I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I don’t want to let my child get on the bus, I want to keep him at home with me!’ But I know they have to go. So that’s my metaphor. I’m excited but a little nervous, all in the best possible way.

Leah Blevins’ debut album First sensation is now available, watch the clip for the title song below:



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