Grace Antonia Young of YC & the Moondance Kids as Fleetwood Mac. (Courtesy of Aubrey Rose Stacey)

Come wake up to classic and modern hits this Halloween weekend at Launchpad.

The venue will feature slices of its Night of the Living cover strips. The shows on Friday October 28th and Saturday October 29th will mark the end of the annual event organized by the Launchpad.

Artists covered on Friday include NWA, Thin Lizzy, Harry Styles, Flight of the Concords, My Chemical Romance and The Cramps. Saturday will bring audiences hits from New Order, Thee Oh Sees, The Strokes, No Doubt, Flyleaf and Willow.

Event coordinator Barry Lopez said one of the reasons he started working at Launchpad was to help organize cover band shows, and he’s seen that particular event grow ever since. that he joined the staff in 2012.

“It started out as a one-night-only event, and they did it that way for a few years, and then it got so popular that they started adding more nights,” he said. declared. “Last year we moved it up to three weekends, and this year, as October has four weekends, we’ve made it four weekends.”

Horn players and percussionist from Los Domingueros as Reel Big Fish. (Courtesy of Aubrey Rose Stacey)

Lopez said every Night of the Living Cover Bands has already sold out this year, and he expects it to do the same this weekend.

“Last weekend usually has the strongest lineups of all, like really solid groups that have been doing it for a long time,” he said.

Submissions from groups wishing to participate in the event have increased each year. Lopez is calling for bands around May, and each entry lists their first and second choice of band to cover, as well as which weekend they’d prefer to play.

After the selection process, Lopez then sets the lineups based on the music being played and also distributes the biggest local acts to headline the various nights.

There is no cap on the number of groups that can participate, but timing is everything. Lopez mentioned that he’s booked in September and needs to finalize the schedule, but there’s also a negotiation period to consider because often bands submit the same acts they hope to cover.

“We try to get everyone we can with the places available. This year I’m pretty sure we had all the groups that asked to participate because we had 96 places,” he said. “We take open submissions, but…I also try to be on top of all the local bands to let them know we’re doing this.”

The public is not only privileged by the songs of popular artists, but also by the style that accompanies them. Lopez said the bands are “going out of their way” when it comes to live performances

“If they’re willing to do costumes, we just try to encourage them because it makes the show a lot more fun,” he said. “At the end of the month, more people show up in costume, even members of the public.”

Newly formed bands will take to the stage in addition to popular city performers.

Lopez said, “There’s a lot of new local talent out there, so it’s a really good way to see some of these bands that are on the scene that might be your next favorite band.”

This Halloween weekend, help local talent uncover the musical minds of artists past and present.


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