by Charlie Christ The campaign has a new ad running today that again hits on a central theme of the Democrats’ campaign for governor: the Republican governor. Ron DeSantis wants to control women’s bodies.

A “seven-figure” ad buy will put the 15-second spot, “Signing Away,” in state media markets, Crist’s campaign said. Campaign enters final part of election underwater in most polls two digits. The new announcement builds on legislation signed following the last session that bans abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy, with no exceptions for rape or incest.

The opening scene shows a smiling DeSantis holding a folio, supposedly the New Legislation (HB 5).

“Look at that smile – Ron DeSantis is giving up your right to choose,” Crist says, as the camera lingers on a beaming DeSantis for a moment before cutting into the shadowy figure of a woman with her head in her hand.

Clearly, she’s not happy, but Crist continues to talk off-camera about the governor he hopes to overthrow in seven days.

“He’s glad there are no exceptions for rape or incest,” Crist says, as the barely audible background music starts to get a little louder. And then the camera cuts back to DeSantis, smiling broadly once more.

“Happy because he thinks politicians like him should control women’s bodies,” Crist says.

On the word, “should”, a blond woman with her hands on her hips appears, looking determined.

The possibility of DeSantis-backed lawmakers introducing more restrictions on abortions isn’t explicitly stated in this ad, but something Crist has discussed at length. The current abortion law, currently on appeal, was passed before the US Supreme Court overturned a 49-year-old court ruling that allowed abortions for up to 24 weeks. As a result of this ruling, rules in other states that ban the procedure entirely came into effect.

After the decision, DeSantis promised to extend pro-life protections but did not explicitly state what it intends to do. He wouldn’t explain more to the only one one-on-one discussion with Cristneither, except to say he was proud of the 15-week ban.

The announcement, Crist’s campaign said: “shows the stark contrast between Charlie’s pro-woman, pro-freedom leadership and the cruel political games of Ron DeSantis as he aims to further deny women their right to choose.

At the end of the announcement, the candidate in the white shirt and striped tie finally appears: “As governor, I will protect your right to choose – and that’s the difference.”

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