Hello and welcome to our running series where we share with you our favorite new songs and music videos of the week.

In this episode, we’ll spotlight new music from Stone Gossard and Ani DiFranco of Pearl Jam, Jake Blount, OAR, Built to Spill, and more.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the songs.

1. Jake Blount

Acclaimed roots singer-songwriter and performer Jake Blount has announced his upcoming upcoming album, The New Faith, earlier this week. The LP is out September 23. And with it comes the artist’s first single. The song, “Didn’t It Rain,” showcases Blount’s talent for knowing the bones of American music like the back of his hand.

2. Stone Gossard and Ani DiFranco

Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard has teamed up with legendary songwriter, performer and businesswoman Ani DiFranco for the new single “Disorders.” The track is meant to support women and reproductive rights at a time when they are both under threat from conservative politicians and the Supreme Court.

Said DiFranco of the track, “With the impending reversal of Roe v. Wade, women in every Republican stronghold in this country find themselves in a sea of ​​needless suffering.” Check it out below.

3. Built to overflow

The Boise, Idaho rockers released their latest single and accompanying music video earlier this week. The song, “Fool’s Gold”, showcases the band’s penchant for big, layered guitars, falsetto vocals and pounding drums. The new single also hints at a new Built to Spill album later this year. Check it out below.

4. Goon

Goon released his latest single earlier this week, a dreamy new track titled “Ochre,” which features the piano playing of Spoon’s Alex Fischel. The new track is the second single from the art-rock band’s upcoming album, Green evening hourwhich is due out on July 15. Check out the glittering summer runway below.

5. Wolf Alice

Buzzy UK band Wolf Alice released a new EP today (June 24), blue lullabywhich is a collection of songs that reimagines the band’s acclaimed album, Blue Weekend, in more suave dark tones. To celebrate the release, Wolf Alice released the single “Feeling Myself,” which you can check out below in all of its heart-pounding, heart-pounding prowess.

6. Joe Keery

The actor best known for his role in the hugely popular television series, stranger things, on Netflix released a new single this week under the name Djo. The new song, “Change”, is fun and features fast synths and percussion. Check out the new Double Threat track below.

7. Reignwolf

Chamber rocker Reignwolf released his latest single earlier this week. The track, “The Woods”, features Brad Wilk and comes at a time when the frenetic musician is touring Europe, playing some 19 festivals in 25 days. Check out the screecher and accompanying animated music video below.


Heavy metal band Pacific Northwest have released their first song and music video from the upcoming LP, Digital Noise Alliance, earlier this week. This song “In Extremis” moans. It includes throbbing drums, screaming vocals and big powerful guitars. And the new album is slated for this fall, with an October 7 release date. Check out the new song below. And rumor has it there’s a tour coming up with Judas Priest.

9. Kane Brown

Country star Kane Brown released a new lyric video for his hit single, “Like I Love Country Music,” on Thursday night (June 23). Brown’s new offering includes line dancing, cowboy hats and all the lyrics to the song for those who want to follow the toothy-smiling songwriter. Check out the new offer below.

10. Nessa Barrett

Dark and brooding singer Nessa Barrett has released her latest single and accompanying music video for the bright and catchy yet morbid song, “Die First.” On the track, Barrett showcases her talent for a pop song but also her path as a macabre artist. Check out the new single below.

11. Alexander 23

Alexander 23 is one of the most talented songwriters. He is both known and under the radar. But he has the talent of an Ed Sheeran or a Charlie Puth. He knows how to write a hit that feels both simple and familiar and can go around the world in an instant. Check out his most recent, “Somebody’s Nobody,” below.

12. SHE

Prolific singer-songwriter and guitarist HER released a new cover today (June 24), “Dance To The Music,” which is new Minions film: The rise in Gru. The song is energetic, fun and possesses a bit of shredding. Check out the new cut below from one of our favorites.

13. Regina Spektor

The talented singer has released her latest album, House, before and after, today (June 24). To celebrate, Spektor has released a new lyric video for his track, “One Man’s Prayer,” which you can watch below along with an accompanying lyric video, featuring pin-up imagery and signature colorful writing. Spector.


With a new album slated for release later this summer, pop-punk rocker WILLOW has released her new single, “Maybe It’s My Fault,” which you can check out below. With a frantic guitar riff and equally frantic drumming, the song is a manic episode in under three minutes.

15. T-Bone Burnett, Jay Bellerose, and Keefus Ciancia

The trio released their new song, “I’m starting a new life today”, which will be part of their new album, Invisible Light: Spellswhich is slated for release on August 5. The song itself is expertly crafted, haunting, and will live on in your bones.

16. Boyfriend and Big Freedia

The two artists have collaborated on a cover of Tiger’s “Deceptacon”, which you can discover below. The song is a statement against the Supreme Court’s new decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and is a reminder that there are good people fighting the good fight against this evil.

17. Meghan Trainor

The acclaimed singer-songwriter has shared that she is releasing a new album later this year, Take it back, which will fall in October. To celebrate the news, Trainor has also shared a new single. This song, “Bad For Me”, which features Teddy Swims, is a powerful pop masterpiece from the standout songwriter.

18. High ZZ

The legendary rock band released their latest track today, a live version of the song “Heard It On The X”, which you can check out below. The new song is taken from the band’s upcoming live album, BELIEVED, which comes out on July 22. The song features big guitars (duh) and raspy vocals (duh, again). Listen to it here now with accompanying live video!

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