Newton faulkner is no stranger to the intricacies of the music industry. The English singer-songwriter has delved into the depths of melodies since he started playing guitar at the age of 13. In 2007, his first album titled Handcrafted by robots has been certified double platinum in the UK. Today, after releasing a few more records and dancing scenes, Faulkner released his seventh studio album titled Interference (of light).

Newton Faulkner; Photo by Stevie Kyle

“The music is a bit bigger, it’s definitely a lot heavier and a lot less acoustic than before,” says Faulkner of his latest collection of songs. “It’s grizzly, soulful and one step closer. I feel like the stuff I’ve written recently is simpler, but it’s tasteful… it works like songs. I want to sum things up in their strongest form.

“At the vocal level, I have learned a lot over the years,” he continues. “I was a guitarist and a singer who sang. It’s kind of where I come from. And now I feel like my voice has caught up with what I was doing on the guitar.

This 17-track folk-rock through Faulkner’s inner inspirations is simply breathtaking. Faulkner refuses to shy away from the music production side, and therefore his songs are refined sound experiences. “Riding High” and “Four Leaf Clover” stand out as triumphant exhibitions of Faulkner’s vocal abilities and instrumental know-how. “Leave Me Lonely”, “Better Way” and “World Away” present a softer side of this legendary rocker.

Asked how he follows an ever-changing profession, Faulker says, “I don’t think things are getting better or worse. They just change. I kind of deliberately stepped away from all the cliques that appeared around me. I just remained this weird, lonely character. I love it!”

Listen to Newton Faulkner Interference (of light) below, and check out his tour dates here.

Photo by Stevie Kyle



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