“I was very much aware of the stereotype of an actor making music”, Kiefer Sutherland noted. “I didn’t have to prick my eye with a darning needle. I wasn’t going to do it.

At the time, Sutherland, a beloved actor known for his roles in 24, Support me, Some good men, and more – had just started working on new songs with Jude Cole, who suggested that a good record should be made. “You have to understand that my answer to this was ‘On my corpse’,” Sutherland explained.

The Canadian star began playing guitar and writing songs as a child, long before the success that accompanied his acting career, but it wasn’t until he founded the Ironworks label with Cole early on. from the 2000s that he began to dabble. in music of serious caliber. At the label, most of Sutherland’s involvement was behind the scenes, but ultimately Cole’s suggestion to make a record shattered all doubts and hesitations, and an album was done. By the end of the 2010s, the two had created a body of work reflecting Sutherland’s inimitable talent for authentic storytelling.

Now Sutherland is back with some new music – in September he announced his new record Bloor Street, due for release in early 2022. On October 1, he released the title track as a single.

Sutherland caught up with the American songwriter on Music Row in Nashville for an episode of Off The Record Live, in which he spoke about his new record and what it means to him. Paying homage to a city close to his heart, Toronto, the album as a whole captures several keys and poignant slices of the story-rich life of Sutherland. By channeling all of his thoughts into some really serious, well-crafted songs, you can see how the 54-year-old actor proves the old stereotype that actors make bad music.

Check out the American songwriter’s Twitch channel HERE and watch the full episode of Off The Record Live with Kiefer Sutherland below:



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