A new music video from Nevada/Los Angeles-based Collapsing Scenery features multiple Nye County locations including Pahrump Valley Winery, Gold Town Casino, Seemore’s Ice Cream Stand on Highway 372 and the legendary brothel Chicken Ranch.

The band’s 2:52 video for “You Already Know” was partly filmed here over two days in October and tells the fictional story of a larger-than-life serial killer who “crushes” his female victims under his enormous weight.

“I’m really small and I was scared once it happened to me,” said Kansas Bowling, the 5-foot-2, 90-pound, 25-year-old who filmed, directed and edited the project.

Bowling’s concept for the video is cutting-edge and highlights some of the Amargosa Valley’s iconic locations, as well as the region’s rugged mountain peaks and desert landscapes.

“I love filming Nevada,” she said.

But the video’s familiar sights definitely take precedence over its bizarre story.

In one scene, the heavily padded serial killer (played by Floyd Cashio) stalks one of his little victims (played by Parker Love Bowling) through the vines of the local winery while she sucks on grapes.

Cashio slowly approaches his prey before laying on top of it and choking it to death.

“We had tons of people in the basement staring at us from the window,” Cashio, 27, told the Pahrump Valley Times of his experience filming the project. “We became a show – it was fun.”

Costume designer Lo Espinosa, 27 – who meets her own demise in the video during a packed stage at the Amargosa Opera House just across the border in Death Valley Junction, California – said she had made the serial killer’s “fat suit” out of foam mattresses after watching episodes of TLC’s reality show “My 600-lb Life.”

“It was pretty isolated,” said Cashio, who also wore latex prosthetics in the video to give her face a “fuller look.”

“The removal process was a little difficult,” he said, noting that the adhesive used in the prosthetic process burned his neck and took three hours to peel off.

Actress Kathy Corpus, who hails from the Shoshone tribe who compete in the Pahrump Social Powwows, also appears in the music video in a white fur coat, before stripping down to a bikini and bodysuits.

Bowling said it was her first time working with Corpus – but “she was just up for it”.

In the video, Corpus lures the serial killer in with cheeseburgers and treats, just before the twisted story ends.

About the group

Collapsing Scenery features Don Devore, 45, and Reggie Debris, 42, who also plays bass for Grammy-winning band Maroon 5 under his real name, Mickey Madden.

Devore said he has an “experimental background” while Debris is more mainstream.

Collapsing Scenery formed in 2013, and the duo “often straddles the divide between music, art, film, and politics,” according to their website.

“It really lets us go everywhere,” Devore said of the band’s sound. “Our last record was recorded in a cave in Iceland.”

The new video for “You Already Know” recently debuted on post-punk.com. You can stream it on YouTube.


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