We love music that makes us dance and netizens seem to unanimously agree that Taha Malik’s new Pepsi song “Sohna Tu” featuring Aima Baig, Haider Mustehsan and Rozeo is an energizing number that has a great retro vibe – from the choreography to the lighting, people are loving the new song.

Pepsi released the full version on January 17 and captioned the music video, “We dropped the beat, are you ready to move on? Featuring the biggest dance track of the year. Join the movement, kyunke jab dil kahay tou why not dance meri jaan“, beginning the hashtag #WhyNotDanceMeriJaan on Twitter.

Baig shared the clip on his Instagram saying, “They tell us to hold back but we say dance dance dance, cause why not meri jaan! Listen to my new song with Pepsi Pakistan and tell me you love it as much as I am! #WhyNotDanceMeriJaan.”

Pakistani Twitter told him okay, they flooded the platform with tweets expressing the effect the groovy beat had on them. People say it made for “a refreshing start to the year” and it’s “the song of 2022”.

People love the trio – Baig, Mustehsan and Rozeo – and think they make a great combination.

The Baig Stans rushed to take root for their queen.

The song left some speechless.

Some netizens have been waiting for the song since the teaser was released and are not disappointed with the result “full of music, rhythms and energy”.

There is great appreciation for Pepsi producing firecrackers in the past.

Some people have called his music “infectious”.

This user posted a dancing Pepsi can to describe how the song makes him feel.

The song is versatile for some.

But there were others who didn’t care much.

The majority are convinced though – someone even said it was better than Coke Studio’s recent release “Tu Jhoom”.

People also quoted the lyrics – this user tagged Asim Azhar and dedicated the song to him.

What did you think of the new song? Is this your new dance anthem?


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