Chances are that if one of the hottest artists of the era released a music video featuring a clay version of you or me being buried alive with flowers coming out of our heads, we would be, at the very least, concerning.

This is not the case with pete davidson. Following the release last week of a music video for the Kanye WestThe game collaboration, “Eazy”, the Saturday Night Live The star “finds the fact that Kanye included a cartoon version of him in his music video hysterical,” a source told ET Online.

The song, which previously raised eyebrows in January for lines like “God saved me from this accident just so I could beat Pete Davidson’s ass,” saw Kanye place his bad feelings towards his new beau. ex. the gummy-the animation style (and, yes, that opening riff is a nod to the old kids’ TV show, once sampled by the late rapper Eazy-E, whose name inspires a pun throughout along the song) quickly turns dark, showing a kidnapped clay Davidson, buried up to his neck, and turning into flora. Although off-screen, it’s assumed that Davidson’s avatar is also decapitated, as we see his severed head in some shots. Unpleasant!

Nonetheless, ET’s source says Davidson “is almost flattered by the whole thing because it’s so ridiculous to him.” Additionally, the comedic actor “is not threatened by Kanye in any way, shape or form” and “Kim [Kardashian] and Pete have come close to all of this.

According to People, however, Kardashian, who shares two children with West, takes it more seriously. The fashion mogul and celebrity is said to be “furious” and, according to a source, is “really mad at Kanye that he did this.” The magazine continued, “She’s completely over it all and she wants it to end.”

The video ends with the text reading: “EVERYONE HAS LIVED HAPPY FOREVER / EXCEPT SKETE YOU KNOW WHO / JK HE’S FINE.” Skete, it has been inferred, is West’s nickname for Davidson.

(Less disturbing in all of this, but just as transgressive, is the way Ye rhymes the word “together” with “together.”)


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It just so happened that the day the “Eazy” video was released coincided with a judge declaring Kardashian legally single, after numerous delays (like the firing of three previous attorneys) on West’s behalf.

Late last week, Davidson and Kardashian were spotted having fun together at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

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