Fely Tchaco will make his Albuquerque debut at Globalquerque! (Courtesy of Vincent Gotti)

Fely Tchaco was influenced by music from an early age.

For African women, singing can be a challenge; However, the same path can lead to personal power that can move mountains, inspire, and win battles.

Drawing on her own experience and popular wisdom, Ivorian singer-songwriter Fely Tchaco embodies the new generation of artists who remain attached to their African heritage while keeping a modern outlook on the world.

The San Francisco Bay Area-based artist will make his Globalquerque debut! at 10:20 p.m. on Friday September 17.

“I draw inspiration from all my daily experiences,” says Tchaco. “I think about the subject and the concept. Then the melody and the words come into play.

Growing up in Ivory Coast, West Africa, Tchaco listened to traditional African folk songs.

Then, as a teenager, she turned to Motown and rock ‘n’ roll.

“In my country, people listen to Afro-Cuban music, and that has remained a constant for me,” she says. “I also like to listen to classical music. I am everywhere when it comes to music.

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Tchaco not only writes her own music, but works with directors on creating music videos.

“These are more works of art,” she says. “There is a story told in every video, and it’s amazing to be able to collaborate with other artists to bring the vision to life in the film.”

This will be her first time performing in Albuquerque and she is excited.

“I take one of the musicians and we rehearse until the day of the show,” she says. “I hope it will continue and I have the opportunity to come back to Albuquerque. I work hard and am ready to take on the world.



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