Prepare to go hunting, because Sabrina Carpenter has hidden plenty of Easter eggs.

Monday evening (January 4), the American singer and songwriter stopped by Tonight’s show for a discussion on the Big Apple, “Skinny Dipping”, Emergencyand his next album, which should be released this year.

We don’t know its title yet, although, according to Carpenter, the details are in plain sight. “I hid the name of the album somewhere in the work I’ve released over the past year,” she explains, “but my fans haven’t found it yet.”

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What we do know for sure is that her new song is called “Fast Times” which, like the rest of the album, was recorded in New York.

At the top of the interview, Jimmy Fallon performed a clip of “Skinny Dipping”, which Carpenter performed at NBC studios. last October. The song, she explained, is “meant to be a little awkward.” Like those encounters where you bump into someone unexpectedly, “and it’s the worst thing in the world but also the best because it’s… life”.

Carpenter broke the charts in 2021 with “Skin,” which marked its first appearance on the Billboard Hot 100, at No. 49. “Skin” also sparked speculation that the emotional ballad was a trojan reaction at Lycée Musical: The Musical: The Series Star Olivia rodrigoThe resounding success of “Driving license”.

The 22-year-old will take the next step when she stars in the drama Emergencywhich premieres Jan. 20 at the Sundance Film Festival.

Watch the late night interview below.



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