Ddespite the problems and separation that Shakira and Gerard pricks had, it’s all about the couple, because in the family of the Colombian star, they always consider the footballer of the Barcelona team as if he were another member of their family, and this was made clear by Ms. Nidia del Carmen Ripoll.

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Is Pique still part of Shakira’s family?

The South American entertainer’s mother spoke to media representatives outside the Teknon-Quiron Hospital in Barcelona, ​​where Mr. Guillaume Mebarakfather of the Colombian singer is hospitalized, and the whole family watches over his health.

And one of those people who hasn’t stopped asking questions and worrying about what’s going on with Mr Mebarak is Pique, who even visited his father-in-law in hospital, a gesture for which they are grateful in the family of the Colombian, where they insist that the world champion of South Africa 2010 is from their family.

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“Of course, yes, we are still a family,” said Nidia del Carmen Ripoll after being asked about Pique’s visits to the hospital and the relationship they have despite the problems between the player and the star of music, who had been in a relationship for almost 10 years.

Piqu’s affection for his former stepfather

Thus, it is clear that despite the problems between the player and the singer and the dispute they have for the custody of their childrenPique’s affection for his stepfather is still intact and he cares about everything that happens with him.

Ms. Nidia del Carmen was also asked if Shakira was in the hospital this Sunday with her father and the answer was yes, which the South American did every day to be aware of her father’s health, 91 years oldadmitted for a few days and stable, although the reasons for his hospitalization are unknown.


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