It is undeniable that American Idol launched the musical careers of many pop culture icons, including Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Adam Lambert, but a few of the show’s alumni may have regrets. While it’s true that even some of the squeakiest attendees saw more than their 15 minutes of fame thanks to their appearances on the show (William Hung is an example), some Idol hopes might have been better if they had skipped the whole experience.

It can certainly be said that appearing in the series reignites the singing careers of many aspirants. American Idol superstars. Even if a contestant isn’t crowned their season’s idol, they’re likely to build a career for themselves using the exposure they’ve gained from being on the show, and not just in the industry. music. After her eighth place finish, Season 9 runner-up Katie Stevens moved on to scripted television. Katie played the role of Jane Sloan in Freeform’s The daring type for 5 seasons. Her lead role probably wouldn’t have come without her American Idol start.


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While the show is a good springboard for many aspiring singers, some found themselves in dire straits when the AI the cameras stopped filming. Like everything American Idol candidates learn, being put in the spotlight comes with challenges. Going from an unknown celebrity to a celebrity overnight comes at a price, which can be steep. Not everyone leaves believing they got what they wanted.

Caleb kennedy

Caleb Kennedy American Idol

This 16-year-old climbed to the Top 5 of American Idol season 19 before a previous social media post came back to haunt him, forcing his immediate departure from the series. He was quickly becoming an audience favorite (and receiving praise from the judges) when a post on Snapchat emerged, in which he appeared next to someone wearing what appeared to be a Ku Klux Klan balaclava. Many fans were surprised to see an apology note posted to his Instagram a few days later, stating that he would no longer be on the show.

Although country singer Caleb Kennedy has commented that he enjoys his time on American Idol, it’s definitely hard to believe he doesn’t regret doing the show. He admitted in an interview with USA TODAY that he was not prepared for the pressure that comes with being on an interactive show with audiences like Idol. “You think everything is going to be fun, and it often is, but it will slap you in the face real quick. I was not ready for this,“he said. Caleb added:”There is no way to emotionally prepare for “Idol”. Because no one is ready for it, no matter how you prepare.

One AI The judge appears to believe there is redemption in Caleb’s future, based on a virtual Q&A, in which Lionel Richie expressed his hopes that it will be a learning experience for the teenager. “We grow up, we make mistakes, and we look behind our lives over and over again, and we say, “My God, what was I thinking when I did this? It’s one of those situations,These are encouraging words that Caleb will hopefully take to heart. However, it’s hard to dismiss the idea that if he had never made the show, the likelihood that a post from his past had been dug up to ruin him would have been He must live with the consequences of appearing on AI.

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Corey clark

corey clark american idol cropped

Season 2 contestant Corey Clark is probably not best known for his R&B vocal style, or even for his lackluster performance of Phil Collins, “Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now),” according to Domeju, but for being the first contestant to be banned from the show. While on the show’s second season, The smoking gun released a recording of a previous arrest for a domestic violence dispute, which Corey did not disclose before auditioning for the show. Corey maintains that he spoke with the judges about his legal issues before filming the series. However, the show’s producers insist their routine background check for Corey came to nothing.

Redemption from the scandal surrounding his sacking might have been possible, had Corey not followed through on allegations of an affair with then-judge Paula Abdul. In 2012, he filed a defamation suit against MTV and Viacom for $ 40 million, in which he noted the alleged case. An internal investigation found insufficient evidence to support the claim, and the lawsuit was dismissed. He then attempted to sue E! and Fox for slander, only to have this case dismissed as well.

Corey released an album in 2005, but he never managed to gain much traction. His self-titled album was not aggressively promoted by his label. As a result, he never collected much airplay. It seems he can’t escape the ghosts of his Idol pass. Corey never categorically stated that he harbored regrets about his Idol run, but it can be assumed that he probably does.

Mariah carey

Although not a candidate, the infamous diva has said that she regrets being on the show. Mariah has openly referred to her time as a judge on American Idol season 12 like “the worst experience of my life, according to Billboard. “That season Candace Glover came out on top, but fans probably remember the feud between Mariah and fellow judge and pop star Nicki Minaj better. The tension seemed in high spirits at first, the two casting a playful shadow. to one another. However, the bad blood thickened as the season wore on, and the light digs became unpleasant. Who could forget Mariah’s famous rebuke of Nicki’s comments on her review of a candidate, “Again, let’s go back to the # 1 Billboard HOT 100 song – which you just performed – which is hard to get – not everyone has that – under their belt – it’s hard to get.

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It wasn’t the first time that Mariah had been accused of being difficult to work with. Still, she expressed her belief that the feud between her and rapper and singer-songwriter Nicki Minaj was set up by producers to boost ratings. “I’m not going to get into what it was”, she said in an interview with hollywood reporter, “But let’s just say I don’t think they intended to give us a good experience doing this show. Pitting two women against each other wasn’t cool.”

Whether Mariah’s accusations are true remains to be seen, but either way, it’s clear Mariah didn’t appreciate her time on the show. Despite the lack of love between her and Nicki, she also said that she felt her judgment of the competition was wrong and boring. As if that wasn’t enough to clarify her doubts about her experience, she said Hiphopdx what to do the show was “a time in my life I wanna hit delete, if you really wanna know the truth. “

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