Stay in the right place if you want to save money

For a long time in this blog I have addressed the differences in housing prices around the country. Now the Real Estate Agency has done its annual survey again to take prices already in different places.

The survey is done so that the Real Estate Agency asks its brokers to assess what a villa built in 1980 with five rooms and a kitchen of 140 sqm with a plot of 900 sqm would cost. The villa in the survey is also located just outside the city center itself.

So a standard villa as they investigate what it would cost

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Unsurprisingly, it is in Stockholm that it is most expensive as this area takes 9 of the places in the top 10. In addition to Stockholm, only Örgryte outside Gothenburg takes a place in the top 10. Most expensive is Äppelviken where this villa would cost 8.6 million SEK. Örgryte shares the 6th place with a number of additional and there it would cost 6 million.

If you want to stay cheap instead, you should buy the same villa in Hällefors or Töreboda where it costs SEK 375,000 and SEK 380,000, respectively.

But you can save a lot of money in choosing a place to live

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This means that the next is 23 times more expensive to buy a home in the most expensive area compared to the cheapest. Something that clearly shows that location, location, location applies.

The average price of the standard villa has risen about SEK 40,000 since last year and is now at SEK 2 266 300. Now you can not move completely and keep as you want to different places just because it is expensive or cheap. 

I live a little away from Jönköping in a house. Have about 25 minutes by car into the center and the house price where I live is well at about a third of what the equivalent would do in Jönköping. If you go further afield, it becomes cheaper and more expensive. There is a lot of money to be had in saving the right place.


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