Texas-born singer-songwriter Sugaray rayford (born Caron Nimoy “Sugaray” Rayford) embodies soul music. Physically, at an imposing height of six feet and five inches, Rayford’s voice emerges with a depth few can replicate. Spiritually, Rayford’s lyrics draw on his gospel and blues influences while embracing the feelings of today.

Today (September 8), Sugaray Rayford is releasing a new track from his upcoming album, which will be released early next year. The single, titled “Miss Information,” criticizes some of our current cultural issues while keeping the song’s sound upbeat. In addition to Rayford’s distinct voice, “Miss Information” features African-flavored horns and percussion, a Farfisa organ and a wah-wah guitar.

“The wonderful thing about music is that it’s a great vehicle for truth because people listen to the music before they realize what the lyrics are about,” Rayford told American Songwriter. “Misinformation has become the rule in today’s world, so we wanted to bring some light and some truth to the party. It’s just about talking about our current state, but we still have a lot of fun with it.

“Misinformation is like cockroaches when the lights go on, so we turn the lights on with this song,” he adds.

Rayford’s latest outing follows 2020 Grammy nomination for his album Someone saved me. The artist also won the Blues Music Award for Male Artist Soul Blues and BB King Artist of the Year 2020. These successes, in addition to his current work, rely specifically on the artist’s resilience. Rayford grew up in poverty and went on to serve in the military as a Navy. These experiences have therefore formed a bedrock of empathy and courage in the singer / songwriter’s work ethic, and his music shines because of it.

Love is the answer, Sugaray Rayford sings, She has no master / Just add a little laughter / The world turns faster / Writes new chapters / Switch or step back.

Listen to the premiere of Sugaray Rayford’s “Miss Information” below.



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