Suzy is breathtaking in her new photo shoot for Marie Claire magazine!

In the photo shoot, Suzy gives off a spring vibe as she strikes lively poses in bright outfits, and she commands attention with her choppy bangs. She completed the photoshoot that features Dior’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection by adding her own stylish vibe.

In the interview following the photo shoot, Suzy shared her love for her digital single “Satellite”, released last month. She commented, “It was a process of finding out what I like.”

Suzy even helped write the lyrics for “Satellite,” which expresses the unchanging feeling of staying close to someone while yearning for something that can’t be achieved. She explained, “In this song, I wanted to capture the atmosphere rather than deliver intentions or messages clearly and simply. Thinking about the attributes of a “satellite,” I wrote about things that couldn’t be reached and wandered around. »

The music video for the track featured a dance performance by Monika of “Street Woman Fighter”. On this, Suzy shared, “I liked ‘Street Woman Fighter’, but when I saw Monika’s dance, I felt she was a ‘muse’. It’s hard to fill a whole song with a spontaneous dance, but it always showed different movements that it was difficult to choose which clips [to include in the video]. It was the best way to express this song.

Suzy’s full interview and photo shoot will be available in the April edition of Marie Claire.

Watch Suzy in ‘Uncontrollably Fantasy’:

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