TAUK announced details of the band’s latest studio album, Companion of Chaos, released September 24. The band previewed their upcoming instrumental LP with the single “The Let Out”, with a music video featuring a special guest star. Sammi Garett (Turkuaz).

Registered in quarantine, Companion of Chaos is TAUK’s first studio effort since 2018 Shapeshifter II: epidemic. Around this time, the quartet expanded their existing electro-prog sound to include an even wider range of influences. The new album is packed with forays into everything from ’70s movie scores to retro’ 80s video game soundtracks to ’90s R&B. Companion of Chaos was recorded at the group’s new studio in Long Island, NY.

“Everyone has a chaos mate, something that keeps you grounded in the midst of all the madness,” the bassist Charlie dolan said of the album title. “Maybe it’s your spouse, maybe it’s your kids, maybe it’s your dog. For us, it was music.

Unlike many other bands, TAUK has been relatively silent during the shutdown of live music. The band performed a lonely livestream – which allowed fans to pick the setlist – and didn’t follow the trend of car or pod gigs. Instead, the group crouched down in the studio and created new material, ready to explode when TAUK finally made its first appearance after locking in at Mountain music festival on June 4, which saw the live debut of the new originals “Eldridge Awakes” and “Aquatic Curtain”.

“Last year gave us more time to be creative and to deepen our artistic expression”, keyboardist Alric carter said in a press release. “Registration Companion of Chaos opened up new avenues for us to explore and presents itself as a story of our time spent together. It was super exciting to collaborate and choose from a wide variety of new songs to make this album.

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Along with the announcement, TAUK shared the second single off Companion of Chaos, “The exit”. The track follows the previous “Moon Dub” and continues a trend of expressive videos produced by Dani Barbieri. Unlike the space-themed “Moon Dub”, “The Let Out” brings viewers back to Earth as special guest Sammi Garett prepares for her first post-quarantine date. Meanwhile, the group delivers an alluring soundtrack as the video makes surprising thematic leaps from romance to comedy to tragedy in a video that would require a full-fledged movie review to really be explained.

“Music tells a story,” Carter added. “It makes us laugh, smile, feel and we had fun showing that side of us.”

Watch TAUK’s New Music Video for “The Let Out” and Pre-Order the Band’s New Album Companion of Chaos here. TAUK will support the album on the band’s next album Companion of Chaos tour, which kicks off later this month with a Phishing after-show on August 13 in Atlantic City. For a full list of the band’s tour dates, go here. Scroll down to see a full list of tracks and album artwork for Companion of Chaos.

TAUK – “The Let Out” (official music video)

[Video: TAUK]

Companion of Chaos List of tracks

1. Chandara
2. Make your move
3. Moon Dub
4. New Age Travel
5. Dormammu (with The Shady Horns)
6. The exit
7. Technodrome
8. Lonely robot
9. Yasuke

See the list of tracks



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