The rising stars of metal TETRARCHE recently released their sophomore debut album, Unstable, to rave reviews and acclaim around the world, and also announced a series of fall tour dates with bands such as Atreyu, No point and more. In anticipation of the return of the touring season, the band is excited to release a stunning new music video for the album anthem “Stitch Me Up”.

Lead guitarist Diamond Rowe says:
“Shooting the video for ‘Stitch Me Up’ was super fun and we are honestly delighted with how it came out. The way the script was shot has such a cinematic feel and the finished product is just awesome. of this video is sort of being an outcast in your day to day life. You can sometimes feel completely manic when it seems like no one else sees things the same as you or has common interests , but ultimately meeting people who are like you can make you feel safe and whole. It reminds me a lot of all of us in the heavy music community and how we can be looked at in weird ways, but when we’re all together we are just one big happy family sharing our love of music.

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