Spaghetti & Frank, a new rock band made up of vocalists Eddie Spaghetti of the Supersuckers and Frank Meyer of the Streetwalkin ‘Cheetahs, released a music video for their gritty, honky-tonk-feel single, “I Think It Sucks and I Don’t Like It. that, ”was filmed and partied at Long Beach’s own bar, The Good Bar.

The new music video released on October 12 coincides with the band’s first full album, “Motherfuckin ‘Rock’ n ‘Roll,” released on Kitten Robot Records. The album is a 10-song ode to the artist’s love affair with dirty rock ‘n’ roll, outlaw country and chainsaw punk, filled with all the catchy hooks and power-pop for which Meyer’s sound is well known.

Spaghetti and Meyer, along with Cheetahs drummer Mike Sessa, are seen playing against the iconic wall of skateboards at the Good Bar. Meanwhile, performers from local burlesque company Booty Burlesque play cheeky bartenders taking revenge (and amassing well-earned tips) on a group of rowdy men trying to cool off with the ladies. The extras featured in the video are also Long Beachers, who showed up on set following a call in early August.

“We wanted to turn things around in this video and show what these hard working bartenders and waitresses face when they work,” said Meyer. “Eddie and I have spent most of our careers playing divers and clubs so we see what these ladies have to put up with on the job. Guys can be quite obnoxious and energetic so we wanted to do a clip where the girls get the upper hand, turn these dudes around and have a last laugh while counting all the booty! “

An unexpected but perhaps not entirely improbable musical duo, Spaghetti & Frank began working on music together at the height of the pandemic, when musicians around the world suddenly had too much free time. and found ways to make music at home.

The couple have known each other and have toured together in their respective bands for decades, and reconnected in May 2020 to collaborate with a host of other iconic rock musicians (Cherie Currie, Mike Watt, Josie Cotton) on the all- star inspired by the pandemic charity song “Flatten the Curve”. From there, the duo started sending each other ideas that Meyer would flesh out from home.

“Frank, it’s a bit like the wizard in the studio. He puts all the music together, I’m just kind of like the idea guy. I’ll have an idea for a song and I’ll sing it into my phone and send it to her and she’ll come back to me as a full-fledged rock and roll track. He’s very thorough and he’s super good at it. It’s a pleasure to work with someone like that, ”Spaghetti told the Long Beach Post in October of last year.

Spaghetti & Frank’s new album is available to stream on all major platforms, listen now on Spotify.

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated with a quote from Frank Meyer on the clip.



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