Earlier this week, Thursday, September 9, acclaimed Minneapolis, Minnesota-born punk rock band The Replacements released a new animated music video for the band’s song, “Shut Up.”

The video, which includes hidden references to “Easter egg” upon the band’s release, marks the 40th anniversary celebration of the band’s first LP in 1981, Sorry, mum, I forgot to take out the trash. The Replacements is about to celebrate the anniversary with a new set, complete with unreleased work.

The group, which formed in 1979 and performed until recently in 2015, released their 37-minute debut album on August 25, 1981 on independent label Twin / Tone Records. It had been recorded about a year ago.

For the anniversary, Rhino Entertainment will release on October 22 a deluxe edition of the new remastered album, comprising more than 100 tracks on 4 discs. It will include demos, edits and new mixes, as well as a brand new 27-track disc. live recorded on January 23, 1981 in Minneapolis.

In 2019, Rhino released another set of the group, called, Pop of the dead man.

Here are some recent tweets from the group:



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