Blake Shelton had a great night on Tuesday The voice Top 11 live results, with all three of her team reaching the top 10. On Monday, I had feared that powerful Team Blake diva, veteran professional background singer Wendy Moten, not be careful, since she sang in “the point of death” first and was even lightly criticized for being “too perfect”. But on Tuesday, I feared for Wendy’s literal safety, when a very imperfect moment happened and she suffered a frightening fall on stage.

Wendy had just finished her spectacular group performance of Four Tops’ “Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)”, alongside her trainer and teammates Paris Winnginham and Lana Scott, when she appeared to stumble over a group monitor; Paris, Lana and a pair of stagehands rushed to his side, while Blake, whose back was turned during the incident as he walked over to his red chair, quickly returned to the stage to check on Wendy. Host Carson Daly appeared genuinely shaken by the incident, as he put the show on hold and a moment of tense and uncertain silence ensued.

A frightening moment as contestant Wendy Moten falls during the live broadcast of the first 11 results of season 21 of ‘The Voice’. (Photo: NBC)

” Everyone is well ? Take a second. Someone just fell. We are fine ? Just give us a second, everyone, to make sure it’s all right, ”Carson explained, as he watched Blake and his team help Wendy, who looked stunned and in pain. “We are cleaning up the stage. We have people coming to help now. An unfortunate event for Wendy Moten. She leaves. We hope she’s doing well … “

While viewers waited for an update on Wendy, they or they used social media to express concern. Thankfully, Wendy, an accomplished pro with a classic must-see attitude, quickly returned to assure Carson and the fans at home that she wasn’t seriously injured. “You scared us with this mishap on stage! We’ve never had anything like it, ”Carson told Wendy, to whom she responded with a brave smile,“ I’m fine. I’m a little bruised, but you know what? I am always ready to go!

With this crisis now averted, it was time for the case at hand, as Team Ariana’s father / son duo, Team Kelly’s soul belter Jim & Sasha Allen and Gymani, landed in the last two and made had to sing for Instant Save. Gymani suffered what John Legend called a minor “stumble” – a figurative, not literal, stumble, in this case – at the start of her “Tell Me Something Good” performance, but she eventually got it right, and that was it. was fun and a great number.

The Allen’s pick, Jason Mraz’s “I Won’t Give Up” was an appropriate save me song for the occasion, but again their harmonies fell flat, and again I thought Sasha, the much stronger singer of the duo, should have just auditioned for The voice as a solo candidate.

However, seeing Jim supporting his trans son has been heartwarming all season, and very important to the general public in America, so I couldn’t help but get a little choked – just like their proud trainer Ariana Grande did. did – when Sasha proclaimed, “Trans rights! at the end of their Mraz tune. And as a result, I couldn’t get too much shocked when the American general public voted Jim and Sasha in the top 10 next Monday on Gymani.

See you then, when the Allen, Wendy and the other eight semi-finalists go head to head.

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