It’s Knockout Rounds For NBC Season 21 The voice and the competition is tough, especially in Kelly Clarkson’s corner – Monday night (October 25), country favorite Kinsey Rose was sent home after clashing with powerful R&B singer Gymani.

Both artists gave fantastic performances – Gymani’s interpretation of Zayn’s “PILLOW TALK” was explosive with energy and exhilarating flair, and, of course, awesome vocal tracks. Rose, on the other hand, delivered a passionate cover of Deana carter “Strawberry wine” effortlessly capturing the nostalgia and coming-of-age beauty the song carries.

In the end, however, Rose’s performance was bittersweet – it turned out to be the last, as Gymani was chosen as the winner of the round.

The decision was extremely difficult to make and some are even unhappy with Clarkson’s judgment. “It’s really difficult,” she said in deliberation. “My decision is not because this person is the best singer, I think she could be the best competitor. The winner of this knockout is Gymani.

Some fans are turning to social media to throw some shade at Clarkson for valuing competition more than raw musicality, which deviates a bit from what the show originally advertised itself as advocating … nevertheless, Gymani’s performance was undeniably superb and there is no no no more bad blood from Rose.

“Kelly, I love you,” Rose said on stage. “I will continue to do country music, this is just the beginning.”

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Photo by: Elizabeth Morris / NBC



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