McCann Alpha, a commercial co-creation division of McCann Japan, in collaboration with Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation and NTT DX Partner Corporation, released “Creative Nap Curry”, a music video that will induce sleep and allow viewers to stimulate their creativity take a nap. The music video is the first co-creation project of the “Sleep Network Hub ZAKONE”, a virtual community where various companies work together to solve sleep problems in Japan.

According to an OECD survey, Japanese people sleep the shortest in the world, averaging only seven hours and 22 minutes per night. The risk of illness, daytime sleepiness and reduced productivity, due to sleep deprivation, is not only a problem for the individual but also a problem for society. Power naps – where you only sleep for 20-30 minutes at a time during the day, allow the body to rest, while the brain stays alert (compared to deep sleep and REM sleep). It can improve productivity and creativity, and increase motivation.

The “Creative Nap Curry” is a 30-minute music video designed to make napping easier. It consists of two parts: a “nap part” with relaxing music to help you fall asleep and a “creative awakening part” with upbeat music to help you wake up (the last five minutes of the video) . Music for both parts was produced by Masayuki Noda (of invisi). The “nap part” is composed according to musical principles conducive to relaxation, such as a quiet tempo without rhythm. The ‘awakening creativity part’, on the other hand, is designed to make waking up easier, with an accelerated rhythm, containing more notes than the nap part, and a composition that builds in the second half.

The accompanying animation is also gentle on the brain during naps and helps activate and stimulate the brain upon waking. ‘Curry’ was chosen for the overall theme of the clip, as it is a dish that has become an integral part of Japanese food culture and is said to be enriched and deepened by being left to rest and which you stimulates when you eat it (or, in this case, when you wake up).

The effectiveness of the video was verified using the “Design Thinking Test”, a technology patented in Japan and the United States. After taking a nap and waking up to the video, the research participants were asked to take a design thinking test developed and provided by VISITS Technologies, Inc., which quantitatively calculates “design thinking skills”. problems and creative solutions”. Results showed that 60% of participants increased their scores after using the video to take a nap.

Midori Sasaki, Community Leader, NTT East Sleep Tech Project / ZAKONE commented, “The ZAKONE community was officially launched on September 3, Japan’s Autumn Sleep Day, and we are grateful that various companies contacted us with their desire to participate in ZAKONE. However, we believe that we still need more people to join us, to solve sleep problems in Japan, where the level of sleep satisfaction ranks among the lowest in the world. We hope that through this video we can help ignite people’s creativity and attract more members who are willing to work with us to solve this sleeping problem with their innovative ideas.

Ryosuke Yoshitomi, Creative Partner, McCann Japan/McCann Alpha said, “We collaborated on the creation of this one-of-a-kind nap video to have a positive effect on innovative thinking. Our hope is that Japanese people will watch the video and join us in fighting our national sleep shortage.


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