Ol ‘Blue Eyes is an American treasure. With his golden voice and flowing style, Frank Sinatra has performed in front of audiences all over the world, including some really big names in the United States (Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, anyone?).

He also amassed shot after shot. He started singing professionally in the 1930s and has become one of the most important crooners in the whole country. Later, however, when rock ‘n’ roll and names like Chuck Berry and Elvis took over, Sinatra took a step or two back, but ended up falling back on her feet, as most do. big.

Sinatra, born in Hoboken, New Jersey, who was as famous and impactful behind the scenes as he was in front, left a great legacy behind (often followed by a large group). And while we know there are way more than 10 of his best tracks, here are our favorites.

10. “My kind of city”

9. “I have the world on a string”

8. “Summer wind”

7. “The way you look tonight”

6. “I have you under my skin”

5. “My way”

4. “Strangers in the Night”

3. “Fly me to the moon”

2. “New York, New York”

1. “That’s life”



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