We feel so happy and proud every time our favorite artist releases a catchy and hit song like it’s our song. The well-deserved appreciations flood them from all over the world. But, have you ever wondered who the music producers were behind the hit song? Many of us are guilty of completely forgetting about the staff working behind the scenes to ensure our favorites enjoy the highest musical quality.

Music production is a very delicate process, the listening ears and talent to constantly come up with new music and stay relevant with the industry already oversaturated with producers is strange.

Here is an appreciation list of some of the top music producers in the K-pop industry who have given us hit after hit for years and proven how timeless their music is.

black-eyed pilseung

Black Eyed Pilseung, better known as BEP, is a South Korean music production and songwriting duo, consisting of Rado (Song Joo-young) and Choi Kyu-sung. They made their debut as a duo producing songs for girl group SISTAR for their 2014 album, Touch and move. BEP produced 2 songs for the album – wow and the crushing blow touch my body.

Credits: High Up Entertainment

Rado and Choi kyu-sung often collaborated with Shinsadong Tiger before the duo was formed. Choi Kyu-sung worked on massive hits like T-ara’s CulbutoHyuna’s bubble popand the beast fictionwhile Rado is not so late with 4Minute Turn up the soundApink’s Oh dear and TroubleMaker problem maker and Now.

You Bet Together The Two Created Iconic Hits Like TWICE’s Breakthrough Hit Comfort, TT, I love, FancySistar OnlyApink’s I am so sickfrom Chungha Russian mountainsand Got7 If you doto name a few.

Plush Park

If you know or are a fan of BLACKPINK, then Teddy is not a new name for you. Teddy Park is a Korean-American rapper, songwriter, and music producer. Born in Seoul, South Korea, he moved to the United States with his family at a very young age. When he was 17, Teddy and his friend Danny flew to South Korea to audition for YG Entertainment and entered.

Park debuted in hip hop group 1TYM in 1998, alongside friend Danny, Jinhwan, and Baekyoung. Park served as the band’s primary songwriter and producer on all of their five studio albums. After the group’s hiatus, Teddy became an in-house producer for YG Entertainment and created songs for big names such as Big Bang, 2NE1, and Sunmi. In 2011, Teddy even refused to work with Lady Gaga to produce music for her labelmate 2NE1.

Iconic K-pop producers
Credits: Netflix

In 2016, Teddy started working with BLACKPINK and founded The Black Label, a subsidiary of YG Entertainment. The label is currently home to Zion.T, the second best-selling Korean artist of 2015 after Big Bang, and Korean-Canadian soloist Jeon Somi.

Teddy continues to produce viral hits like BLACKPINK’s how do you like it and lovesick girlsby Somi mute muteand XOXO. And we certainly can’t forget his resounding successes back then – 2NE1 I’m the bestand OnlyCL The worst womanLee Hi Pink, and Taeyang’s debut EP Hot.

LDN Noise

Iconic K-pop producers

To the surprise of many people behind Red Velvet’s mute muteby SHINee To seeEXO Lightsaberand many more such hits, is a British duo named LDN Noise (pronounced as London Noise).

LDN Noise are a British songwriter and music producer duo consisting of Greg Bonnick and DJ Hayden Chapman. The duo is best known for their hits for SM Entertainment idols. The Korea Times even dubbed them “hidden heroes” for their impact on the K-pop industry.

Some of the talented couple’s works include TWICE Shadowthe ASTROs Crazy Sexy CoolSuperM’s To jumpand SHINee Married to Music.

brave brothers

Iconic K-pop producers

Kang Dong-chul, known by his stage name Brave Brothers, is a rapper, producer and songwriter who previously worked for YG Entertainment before leaving to form his own label, Brave Entertainment. He produced hit songs for After School, SISTAR, 4Minute, T-ara, Son Dam Bi, Big Bang to name a few.

He has many hit songs to his credit, including the viral hit of 2021 To roll by Brave Girls label artist, My boy by SISTAR, Ice cream by Hyuna, How to come by Brown Eyed Girls, Spring and 4:44 by Park Bom, and Full moon by Sunmi.


Choi Jin Woo, better known by his stage name Hitchhiker, is a K-pop hitmaker who has recently made a name for himself with his bass-heavy instrumentals. He worked with many A-list stars, but his biggest hit was Brown Eyed Girls. Abracadabra. He signed to SM and collaborated with a number of their artists.

Some of the hits he has made include Game by BoA, I do not know, YELL, and Good star by TVXQ, Can you feel it? By Super Junior – D&E and Sign by SNSD.


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