Travelers Must Know Bonus Airmiles Credit Cards for Traveling

Are you a traveler? Have you known a credit card that supports your traveling hobby? This time Agnes Wickfield will discuss a credit card with the theme of traveling.


True Travelers Who Frequently Travel with Airplanes

True Travelers Who Frequently Travel with Airplanes

Someone who often travels by airplane, of course knows the term airmiles and frequent flyer programs. The program was first introduced in the United States in the early 1980s. Frequent flyer programs offer discounts to travelers who often travel by airplane. The amount of the discount is adjusted also with the collected airmiles points.

Collected air miles can be exchanged for discount airline tickets , as well as other special offers such as accommodation, seating upgrades to main classes, tour packages, car rental services, and more.

In the past, every airline must have its own frequent flyer program . This is very troublesome for us as travelers . Now the airline works with banks and offers frequent flyer and airmiles programs using credit cards . The benefits offered by credit cards for travelers:

  1. Registration bonus in the form of miles air points (usually there are minimum spending terms and conditions in the first 2 months).
  2. Get miles miles for domestic and foreign purchases using a credit card.
  3. Premium lounge facilities at the airport.
  4. Some credit cards offer discounts for staying in starred hotels.
  5. Some credit cards offer purchase insurance with coverage of up to Rp. 30 million.
  6. Some credit cards offer free annual fees, with terms and conditions. Usually the conditions imposed are minimum spending ( minimum spending ).


Benefits to traveling credit cards

Benefits to traveling credit cards

Apart from the advantages above, most cobranding credit cards also offer general promos. Although there are many benefits to traveling credit cards, we, as financial planners, still recommend that you use credit cards wisely. The following are things you need to pay attention to:

  1. Credit cards are not for debt, but one way to make payments easier. Never credit card debt for holidays and traveling .
  2. Be careful when shopping and withdraw cash in the destination country. Pay attention to the exchange rate and additional costs. Ask the issuing bank, the exchange rate that applies to the credit card.
  3. Pay full credit card bills. Don’t pay minimum credit.
  4. Pay credit cards on time.
  5. Take advantage of airmiles to get a discounted price for buying plane tickets.

Hopefully you can maximize your credit card to get maximum profit. Happy traveling.

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