A music project bringing together members of some of Northumberland’s best-known folk groups has released a single inspired by the county’s skyline.

We Are The Monsters is a new Celtic folk fusion project brought to listeners by Monster Ceilidh Band members Kathryn Tickell & the Darkening and The Shee.

Following their debut album, Trouser Worrier, the band are back with Uplift, described as a “hauntingly beautiful” track that draws inspiration from the landscapes of Northumberland where the band have their routes.

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The band consists of Amy Thatcher on accordion and piano, Grace Smith on violin, Kieran Szifris on octave mandolin, Joe Truswell on drums and David de la Haye on bass, with Joe and David acting as programmers.

Uplift is the second release from their forthcoming EP, Mutated, which will be released in March.

The band say they seek to push the boundaries of folk music, combining traditional roots with more contemporary electronic influences in “innovative” ways.

The artwork for We Are The Monsters single Uplift

We Are The Monsters says Uplift was inspired by wind turbines set across the Northumberland landscape, filmed by drummer Joe.

As Joe’s idea for a new track began to take shape, his film was merged with Amy’s composition, High As a Kite.

After a process of “experimentation and arrangement”, Uplift was born.

We Are The Monsters’ description of the track reads, “Built from a simple, thoughtful melodic line, the track picks up momentum much like the swirling winds that inspired it.

“The fiddle and accordion gently dance around each other before the whole band joins in the soundscape, lifting the listener up to the clouds around the Northumberland hills before the melody breaks out. Gently drifts away with the breeze.”

The release is accompanied by a brand new video, showcasing the footage filmed in Northumberland that inspired the track.

The band says the images of the spinning turbines are a “metaphor for the spinning cogs as the band continues to explore their sound”.

The track and video were released on Friday, with two editions – one for radio and an extended version for home listening.

If the track has you hooked, a launch party for We Are The Monsters will take place on Saturday April 9 at the Cumberland Arms in Ouseburn, Newcastle – a venue described as being at the heart of the North East’s folk community.

Tickets for the concert are priced at £12, or £8 for students and are available through Bandcamp.

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