ITV’s The Masked Singer debuted in the New Year, and guesses are already plentiful and quick about the stars behind the wild disguises.

With two contestants already unmasked, the remaining costumes from Season Three of The Masked Singer include Bagpipe, Lionfish, Traffic Cone, Panda, Rockhopper, Mushroom, Firework, Poodle, and Robobunny.

It is one disguise in particular, however, that has captured the imagination of fans – Donuts, who will return to the stage tonight (Saturday, January 8, 2022) for the special Movie Night episode of the show.

While some fans have been left puzzled as to who is behind the mask, others are convinced that former England footballer Michael Owen is behind the costume.

Could it be Michael Owen? Or did viewers get the wrong stick?

As the show continues, RadioTimes.com will keep you updated with all the clues, guesses, and theories you need to know about Donuts.

Who is Donuts? Songs, clues, guesses



Week 1 – Eye of the Tiger by Survivor


  • Liverpool accent
  • Football candy featured in “pic n mix”
  • Describes himself as “extra fast”

Do: “In addition to being sweet, I was also salty”


  • Michael owen
  • Robbie fowler
  • Gary Lineker
  • Nick grimshaw

The theories of the masked singer

Is Donuts Michael Owen?


If you ask us, we’d be sure Donuts was hiding Michael Owen under the bulky suit.

As well as simply looking like the former English superstar, the clues were certainly pointing towards the striker.

With football nods all over the first VT package, it seems inevitable that this candidate has already played the beautiful game.

But what really points to Owen is the offhand comment that Donuts is a jockey… Owen owns his own horses and has described his “third love” after family and football like horse racing.

And fans agree, with many sharing their comments on social media. Michel, is that you?

Is Donuts Robbie Fowler?

Is Donuts Robbie Fowler

Robbie fowler
Getty Images

Former Liverpool FC legend Robbie Fowler could be hiding behind the Donuts mask.

Like Michael Owen, Fowler enjoyed a successful football career and was best known for his time at the Merseyside club.

Is Donuts Nick Grimshaw?

Is Donuts Nick Grimshaw?

Nick grimshaw
Getty Images

Rita Ora believes her boyfriend and radio presenter Nick Grimshaw might be hiding behind the mask. She pointed out that he appeared in the celebrity version of The Great British Bake Off, which could be a major reference to the donut costume.

Some fans quickly agreed. One of them tweeted, “Am I the only one who thinks Donuts is @grimmers?” Northern DJ was on Great British Bake Off. I might need more clues as I can’t tie the chips to Nick Grimshaw. Nick, is that you?

If you want to start figuring out who else might be in masks, here are all of our other The Masked Singer theories and investigations so far:

The Masked Singer is Saturdays on ITV. Want something else to watch? Check out our full TV guide or visit our entertainment center for the latest news.



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